Friday, October 14, 2011

FFF: Return Desk

The return desk clerk was not being helpful. "What makes you think the Wish-fulfilling Picture Frame is defective?"

I tried to remain calm. "I'll get it out of the box and show you."

I plugged it in, concentrated, and her image appeared.

The clerk looked triumphant. "It's perfect, right? The hair...."

It's true, the thick mane was perfect. I remembered grabbing a tight fistful of her hair and holding her just where I wanted her...yanking her head back and giving me access to the soft white neck I loved to devour.

He looked at me questioningly. "The body?"

No, the body was perfect, just as I remembered.

I pulled out a photo. "It's the tattoo. You see it's on her ankle, but it's supposed to be on her shoulder."

"My apologies sir, we'll refund your money."

The challenge this week was: 80-112 words.
The emotion "calm" must be used.
Go see Panser's Lair to see who else is participating!


  1. Love this FFF Max, especially the line "grabbing a tight fistful of her hair and holding her just where I wanted her". I love having my hair grabbed.

  2. My my my, aren't we pick this morning? Misplaced tattoo? Really? Nice take on the picture, happy FFF.

  3. Very amusing and whimsical. The Wish-fulfilling Picture Frame is a great plot device, and the picky customer returning the frame due to an incorrectly-located tattoo makes for a funny twist. You are very skilled at throwing your reader a curve.

    And Tame - that's good to know. ;)


  4. MAX!!!

    This is brilliant!! i am muey impressed...awesome and it made me giggle out loud!

    *clapping loudly*

    (sure wish i could do that whistle thing with my fingers ...)


  5. If have no issue with a man receiving exactly what he wants. Fantastic vignette...

  6. Nice focus on the frame! I wouldn't have thought of that...

  7. LOL! *applauding*

  8. Always give a man what he wishes for! Love your imagination. :)

  9. i had to come back and read it again...yup...still *that* good!