Friday, October 7, 2011

FFF: Enthusiastically

Our first visit to the swinger's club had not been what we hoped. It was something we both enthusiastically said we wanted to try, but despite my best efforts, she was clearly uptight and uncomfortable. She asked if we could leave after she went to the ladies room, and I agreed.

When she returned, however, I had found a new friend. She reminded me that we were going to leave, but I was...preoccupied.

"Max, look at the time. We really should get going."

"Max, when I finish this drink, I really want to go."

"Max, are you listening to a word I say?"


The challenge this week was: 78-208 words.
The word "enthusiastically" must be used.
Go see Panser's Lair to see who else is participating!


  1. Great job! Short and to the point, while managing to be simultaneously sexy and funny.

  2. Great! I loved this take on the picture - it made me laugh out loud :-)

  3. Shame on you Max, you are not supposed to ignore your partner at a swing club. The idea is to include everyone and expand the circle. Max? Max, do you hear me? Max??

  4. *laughs* I'm surprised she wasn't more insistent about leaving really. Great story.


  5. You didn't respect the agreement with your partner a few weeks ago (the playmate), now you ignore your partner in a swing club? Geez Max, I think it's about time she retaliates and teaches you a lesson!!!!

  6. Max! Max! Are you paying attention?

    I can picture her waving her hands in front of your face, trying not to touch her breasts as you bite on her nipples, trying, and failing, to get your attention.

    Well done Max! I like it a lot.

  7. Haha, enjoy it now, pay for it later ;-) but it looks like it would be worth it. Wouldn't it Max? ....Max...?


  8. I like that about you, Max... totally a one-track mind!


  9. LOL! Too funny! You GO, Max! Keep having fun! Your hearing will come back once you step outside.

  10. Loved it! I can almost imagine it working out that way by looking at the picture.