Monday, September 5, 2011

TMI Tuesday: Naked

1. What do you wear to sleep in?
Usually nothing. I got in the habit of wearing boxers to bed when the kids were of the age when nighttime visits were possible, and sometimes I still do out of habit, even though that stage is long past. I'm almost never cold - I generate so much body heat that the Sensual Goddess says having me in the bed is equal to one blanket. In the winter I have standing orders - if I get out of bed first in the morning, I have to put an extra blanket on her. (She took a picture of me sleeping the other morning, at right. ;-))

2. Do you ever walk around your own place naked?
Not really. The Sensual Goddess and I had very different upbringings. I was raised in a "naked" household. It wasn't a big deal to walk from the bathroom to a bedroom in the altogether, doors weren't usually closed when getting dressed, and seeing a family member naked wasn't remarkable. She was raised very differently, and found my comfort with being naked alarming and basically wrong.

3. Have you or would you ever answer the door naked?
I haven't, and I can't imagine doing it - unless I knew that someone special was at the door!

4. What part of your body do you like to be on show? Why?
I'm not a show-off (the Sensual Goddess would disagree.) I'm in decent shape, but not buff in a weight room way. I like my body and enjoy being naked, but not to put myself on display.

5. When sunbathing how much do you bare?
I think this is a question aimed at the ladies. I don't sunbathe, but when going to the beach, I wear a standard baggy men's bathing suit (*not* a Speedo. :-))

6. Have you or would you bare all on a naturist (nude) beach?
I never have. I'm sure I could, although I imagine it would feel strange at first.

7. Have you ever flashed your bits in public? If not would you if it turned your partner on?
I never have. Sure, I would in the right circumstance - assuming it was relatively safe and secluded.

8. Have you ever given a striptease or has anyone given you one? Did you enjoy it?
Never given or received. I'm sure I'd enjoy it.

9. Ever gone skinny dipping? Alone or with others?
Sure, as a young teen, with a group of (sadly, all male) friends. It felt great, and I'd love to do it again.

10. Do you like to look at naked people or do you want show off your nakedness?
Absolutely, I love to look at naked bodies. And I don't consider it showing off, but if someone's interested in looking at my naked body, then sure, why not? :-)

Bonus: Sexually speaking, what's the furthest you would go with a partner in public? Have you had sex in public?
I've had sex in a sex club - but I don't think that's what this question is asking. I've both fooled around and had full sex in a car parked on a quiet street or in a deserted parking lot. Semi-public sex, in a secluded place with a very small chance of being caught (or arrested!) is a turn-on.

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  1. CAme by from TMI and I am with your wife. I came from the keep it all covered and heaven forbid you show cleavage, despite me having enough for 2 people

  2. LOL! You look yummilicious in bed. ;-)

    Sounds like you're handy to have around in bed during the winter. ;-)

  3. If that is your picture, then I think we all want another one of you in a Speedo. :D

  4. 1) I get cold, but I'm told I'm good at generating heat. ;P

    4) Hehe, there's nothing wrong with being a showoff, admit it!! :P

    6) Especially if the beach ended up like the poor guys in Eurotrip. =X

    9) In Japan, it's actually normal. (Public bath's anyways, and there's hot springs too!! ^_^) It's one of those things I want to try out. :D

    Bonus) It can certainly be a turn-on, and the rush!! ^^

  5. Great answers and a very sexy picture! We agree with your answer to the bonus question. Sex in public is lots of fun until the police show up. :)


  6. I enjoyed your answers. Now...

    Get naked!


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