Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mile High Club

Sex in an airplane (i.e, the "mile high club") is a nice fantasy. The reality on Sunday was that a security alert was triggered when a couple went into the bathroom together. Fighter planes were ordered into the air to escort the plane to its destination, and on arrival, the couple was held for questioning and a security screening. Maybe the anniversary of 9/11 wasn't the best day to try this, but that wasn't quite the happy ending.

Now I've never been on a big jumbo-jet (or in first-class), and maybe their bathrooms are different - but all my flying has been domestic, in 727's or equivalent. On those planes, there's hardly room for one person in that tiny little, smelly, dirty space, let alone two people, and I have a hard time picturing how you would accomplish it. But I guess for some people, where there's a will, there's a way.

Here's an interesting article on the mile high club, and how flight attendants are supposed to deal with it.

So...does anyone have any experience with this?

In an unrelated note, PB, our FFF host, is still offline. In his absence, France has posted an ambitious challenge for this Friday. Please check it out and join us on Friday.


  1. HA!! I heard the story about several people being in restrooms longer than they should have been! I had not even THOUGHT about this as a possibility!!


    The ones I've been in have been rather 'mood busting...'


  2. We've always thought that the Mile High Club was a bit overrated. Sure, it's sex at otherwise-impossible altitudes, but other than the whole "I can't believe we're doing it on a plane" aspect, the idea of cramming yourself into a space barely larger than a telephone booth and attempting to get off in violation of federal law was never all that appealing. With that said, a few years ago while on a Transatlantic flight we were, as the article mentions, two aroused passengers who didn't even bother with the lavatory. We were seated on the rightmost side of a 747 in a two-seat row at the end of a section, i.e. the last row before a wall. Jill had been reading something erotic for the whole flight up to this point, and wanted to get off. We figured the lavatory was probably a bad idea. And while neither of us wanted to get caught for legal reasons, we were also very conscious of the fact that there were probably other passengers on the plane who most certainly didn't want to catch us. However, given our semi-secluded row, we waited until late in the flight when the lights were dimmed and most passengers were asleep, and we got to it. Jill was wearing a skirt, so she put a blanket over her and took her panties off, and I fingered her until she came. Afterwards, we rearranged the blanket and she gave me a handjob. No oral, as that seemed way too noticeable. I remember, in the middle of it, wondering where I was going to come, and hoping I didn't get any on my clothes. I didn't; we had a few tiny drink napkins that helped out with cleanup. Afterwards there was no tap on the shoulder, though I remember worrying for about twenty minutes that we'd been observed and that a flight attendant was going to come up to talk to us at any minute. Doesn't really make any sense, as I should have guessed that a flight attendant would, as the article states, break it up in the middle rather than admonishing you afterward. Unless he or she really liked to watch.

  3. I have to agree with Shoes. Unless you're flying first class I guess, those restrooms are just disgusting. I'm always up for new adventures, but I don't think I want to try.

    @Jack and Jill: Fun little story there :P

  4. LOL! Yeah, I'd say 9/11 was especially NOT the day to try anything, however innocent on a plane.

    Yes, fun story to read, Jack and Jill. ;-)

  5. There's no way I'd sit my ass on that small dirty counter for a quickie at 35000 feet. Even in first class, I'm sure some people are pigs. I love Jack/Jill's story - under a blanket is more like it. :)

  6. When I was young and impressionable, 18, and heading on a cross country red-eye with some friends, my buddy nudged me awake and whispered that the couple on the far left (sorry Jack) were "going at it." Pretending to stay asleep, we saw that she was definately giving him a hand job and ducked under for a quick kiss.

    What turned this from exciting to Penthouse forum, at least for us, was that my other friend was behind them during the boarding process and claims that they had just met, for the first time, at the airport. this was confirmed, we think, when we landed and they left the plane alone.