Friday, September 23, 2011

FFF: Supernova

Getting home from work, I went through the day's mail, grabbed a handful of envelopes that were obviously birthday cards, and sat down to open them. There were the standard Hallmark cards from elderly aunts, and best wishes from my insurance agent. Then there was one more - a big lavendar-colored envelope with no return address.

I opened it, and before I could read the card, a glossy 5x7 photo fell into my lap. I looked at it and smiled. Ah yes, the hot little number in the apartment across the hall. I knew she was up to something when she frantically had me undress her and take her right inside her apartment door. So she had a camera set up.... The brazen little slut. And sending me the pic in a birthday card. I smiled evilly to myself - yeah, that would get her a few extra swats next time.

I turned the pic over and saw the writing on the back:
Your kisses are as wicked as an F-16
And you fuck like a volcano, and you're everything to me
'Cause you're a human supernova....
I smiled. Liz Phair. The song she said she wished she'd written for me.

I sat up abruptly and put the photo away as I heard rustling from the bedroom.

"I thought I'd take you out someplace nice for your birthday. But I can't find my thigh-high stockings. You know the ones? With the lace at the top?"

I smiled to myself. "Sure, I know the ones. I know I've seen them recently. But I'm not sure where they are now...."

With PB still offline at the beginning of the week, Lexi stepped in with a corker of a challenge. The picture above should be used to illustrate an entry containing an even number of words, and should include song lyrics or a quotation from a poem.

Note that PB is now back - battered and bruised, but thankfully recovering. The story of his absence is here, and we're happy to hear that he'll be resuming his FFF duties next week.


  1. Most men can't even locate the milk in the fridge... let alone where stockings, panties and such would be stored! hehe


    That's very bold indeed. I like!!! Happy Friday. :)

  2. A human supernova. I like that.

  3. Ah, old school Liz Phair. That takes me back. Now I wish I'd used Johnny Sunshine ;) I'm really glad that I made the challenge like this; I'm getting to remember/hear all sorts of fun songs. And the CAPTCHA is Pacquin. This had nothing to do with True Blood, but now...

  4. Great little story. Bonus points for going with a Liz Phair song. I listened to this album tons when it was new.


  5. Your wickedness just gets better and better.

    A delicious tale to accompany a seriously sexy photograph...

  6. That was a fun little tale. : )

    I think I'd be curious to taste the lava

  7. Max you outdid yourself! Nice set-up and story. Love the ending. You are a wicked, wicked man. :-)


    @Silly Mistress: buwhahahaha!
    (Be careful don't burn your lips.)

  8. In my family, we store up all the birthday cards and you have to open them at dinner, in front of everyone. Good thing we aren't related.

    Great little story.