Friday, September 16, 2011

FFF: A New Playmate

I had agreed to the conditions. I was just to watch you play with our new friend. We'd done a lot of virtual playing, but she said she only wanted to play with you on this first meeting.

I picked her up at the airport while you checked into the hotel and texted me, "Room 124."

We arrived - eager anticipation filling the air. You reminded me of the rules, and I smiled and sat down.

I watched, rapt, as you kissed her. After endless sensual foreplay, you laid her down, spread her legs, and peeled her panties off. My load was still leaking out of her sopping pussy.

You looked over at me, grinned, muttered "bastard", then began sucking my cum out of her.

With PB still offline, France has stepped in with a ball-busting an exacting challenge. The picture above should be used to illustrate an entry of *exactly* 124 words, and the word "load" must be used.

If PB remains offline, Lexi has volunteered to provide next week's challenge.


  1. LOL! Bastard, indeed. Naughty bastard. That was a good one. ;-) Happy FFF!

  2. Word Wytch of Adventures of a Word Wytch is having a hard time leaving comments on some of the blogs of the FFF participants. She's not sure why. She's asked me to relay this message to everyone:

    "Please let people know that I am having issues with some of the blogs and can't post comments. argh.... Frances and Max did wonderful jobs."

  3. Ooh. Nice sexy surprise. Good twist.


  4. Hmpf! He needs to pay for breaking the rules he had with his lover. I'd punish him for sure!! Oh, maybe he needs to clean up his own mess. ;)

  5. You and Lexi had similar and great ideas... The stolen prize, the surprise taste...

    Well done.

  6. You really are the best kind of bad. Delicious...

  7. Oh... That was unexpected, and so very, very good! And I agree with France, he has to be punished for breaking the rules ; )

  8. I like the voyeur angle, nicely done. Well, I guess that is a double entendre in and of itself, the voyeur angle?

  9. I like enjoyed the twist in the ending...bastard indeed ~

  10. Ohhhhh! Love the sneaky devil! Lol.