Friday, September 9, 2011

FFF: A Grimm Tale

"Come inside, girl. You'll catch your death of cold."

"Thank you, Mr....?"

"My name is Grimm. I live here with my brother. Sit by the fire. I'm glad I came along when I did, those two big scary men were about to catch you."

She smiled an innocent smile. "I wanted them to catch me. We were playing a game. But you scared them off."

"You *wanted* them to catch you?"

"Yes, I met them at grandma's house. They showed me some fun games they were playing with grandma. One was the woodcutter, and one was Mr. Wolf."

Grimm was taken aback. "Games?"

"Oh yes. When I got there, they were all on the bed naked. Grandma was making such a noise that I thought they were killing her. I screamed. But grandma laughed and said it was time I learned some things."

Grimm had turned white.

"Grandma told me to come closer and look at Mr. Wolf's body. I was shocked. And excited. I said, 'My what a big....'"

Grimm cut her off, shaken. "That's enough, girl."

"But it was so exciting. He said he was going to eat me up. And he did! Then grandma said to run outside and let them chase me. That's when you came along. They were going to take me at the same time."

Grimm fainted.

The challenge this week was: 200-225 words.
No required phrase.
I hope you're well, PB. Hurry back!

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  1. This is so damn good. I'm giggling like a very wicked and happy girl.

    Now, where did I put my red cape? ;)

  2. :) Not at all like the fairy tales I was taught...too bad.


  3. Loved every bit.

    "Grimm fainted." - perfect!

  4. I just love it. It's funny and sexy and just irresistible!

  5. This was so good, Max! Perfect for the picture : )

  6. Excellent.. She sounded so innocent which made the story even sexier...

  7. The best one yet, what a fabulous take, and as 1Man said, her innocence came through effortlessly. Well done Sir, and thanks for keeping us all on board.

  8. ROFLOL! This is another Grandma, who's surprised me. Poor Mr. Grimm. I hope he wakes up to hear the rest of her story. ;-)