Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cleaning Up

You have me in a carnal frenzy, on top of you, between your spread legs. I'm taking you hard, and I push up off of you to get a better angle. I look down to see the erotic vision of my cock sliding into you...your pussy lips stretched in an impossibly wide "O" around my thick cock. That delicious sight sends me to another level of arousal, and my gaze locks with yours as I grunt that you're going to make me cum.

And you are going to make me cum. I wish I could hold off forever, and continue fucking you...but it's just not possible. You feel too damn good, and I feel my climax welling up at the base of my balls. I feel it rise, and I thrust savagely into you and roar in your ear as I unload deep inside you.

I slowly come back to earth, still locked together with you, and still quite hard (though slowly softening.) We kiss, we touch, we stroke. There are soft whispers, but most of the talk is with our eyes and our fingers.

I know you were close to an orgasm of your own when I climaxed, and I'm sorry I wasn't able to take you there. But don't worry, I have other ideas.

You give me a cute little pout when I slowly pull out of you, but I give you a soft kiss and tell you we're not done. I tip your chin up and kiss your neck, then I kiss your collar-bone and your chest. I give your breasts some teasing attention, and some slow licks to your hard little nipples.

I look up to meet your eyes, and you smile and whisper "Don't tease me."

I assure you I'm not teasing you, and I release your nipple and kiss downwards, moving to your belly. I reach down with my hands to spread your legs. I continue kissing downwards, and when I look up at you, the message in your eyes is "Are you really going to?"

You're goddamn right I am. I move between your legs and push your knees to your chest. Your pussy is soaked with our combined juices, and the smell of raw sex is intoxicating. I give you a long slow lick along the length of your slit, ending at the hard bud of your clit. I wrap my lips around your clit and suck, lashing it with my tongue.

I hear your moan, and I look up and see your head thrown back in ecstasy, eyes closed. I stop sucking and give your ass cheek a quick smack. You look down, startled, and see an evil smile on my face. "Watch me eat your pussy. Your beautiful cum-filled cunt."

Our locked gaze is electric, and I know you're going to watch me. You wouldn't dare *not* watch me. I'm going to watch your face as you climax for me. After you've climaxed, and are begging me for mercy, I'm going to come up and kiss you deeply, sharing our combined taste with you.


  1. That picture is both erotic and beautiful.
    But the story.....unf! It changes the dynamics of the picture.

    First I read the title, then saw the photo and thought "No. No way. " But then yes you did. And I'm all the more tingly for you having done so. ;)

  2. I think she should dare to not look, just to see what happens. :D

    But darn it, a man who's not turn off at the thought of his own cum is too good to be true!!!

  3. "Your beautiful cum-filled cunt."! Wow, that's so very hot!

  4. I'd wanted to do this for a long time, but once I'd come the whole idea became instantly repulsive. We've recently taken a 3rd for occasional MFM and he loves filling her cunt with the come from his BBC for me to eat out (before I come myself). He loves it, I love it, but most of all SHE loves it!