Saturday, August 27, 2011

"Happy" (and Hurricanes)

There are many possible choices for a "dash of happy" song today. Here on the East Coast of the U.S., Hurricane Irene is bearing down on us. I'm not near enough to the coast for it to be a danger (*knocks wood*), or in a low-lying area, but heavy rains and winds are expected tonight into tomorrow, with flooding and power outages likely. could be "Like a Hurricane", "Rock You Like a Hurricane", "Couldn't Stand the Weather", or "Riding the Storm Out".

But no, I'm going in a different direction, and choosing Keith Richards' appropriately-titled "Happy".  It's a great song, and I just finished Keith's autobiography, and can say definitively that the man is a first-class character.  I like biographies in general, and biographies of musicians especially, and it's a very entertaining read.  He remembers more than you might think, and it's an unflinching account of music, rock and roll, drug use, and fame.

Happy Saturday, and good luck and stay safe to anyone in the path of the hurricane!


  1. I keep waiting for karma to get me because during the lead-up to Katrina, I played "When the Levee Breaks" semi-ironically (I say "lead-up" because at that point it hadn't happened yet; I was being flippant but not that flippant). Now I'm thinking of playing "It's Raining Men" just so someone up there gets the hint ;)

  2. I like to read bios and memoirs, too. Always interesting and even inspiring.

    "I need a love to keep me happy" -- Happy thoughts while waiting for the hurricane. Be safe.

  3. It's been a while since I've read any biographies. Truth be told I have read any since I was back in classes. =X I tended to stay more on the fantasy side of things.

    Maybe I'll check one out at some point. (Assuming I have the time for it. xP)

    Anyhoots, stay safe!!