Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Gift from You

As we make love, you may not know it, but you have a gift that you can give me. A gift that I want very badly.

I want to experience the gift of your climax.

Your moans of pleasure are always sweet music to my ears, and I want to hear them become more frantic. I want to feel your body tense underneath me...your arms around me, holding on desperately. I want to see your face...your eyes wide, your mouth you're unable to hold back any longer.

I need to know that I can take you there...that I *am* taking you there...that I can give you that ecstasy.

I want to take you there now, up to the edge and over. I want to feel that deepest and most intimate connection.

I can feel how you react to what I do, and I will do anything I can to give you that pleasure...give you want you that you can give me what I want - the pleasure of the experience of your orgasm. It's the most precious and intimate gift you can give me. And I want it.


  1. a wonderful gift to give and receive.

  2. Sweet but so full of passion and energy...

    I like it !

  3. I was going for a sassy comment, but I'll refrain. This is too sweet, sexy and also passionate!

  4. Oh, it's so good to read posts like this... Wonderful, Max.

  5. And what a gift you are to her, Max. Beautifully passionate...