Monday, July 25, 2011

Random Monday Silliness

Some random silliness for a Monday morning:
  • I know this is silly male ego, but I did something today that I haven't done in a long time. I was curious and got out the tape measure. I was feeling a bit proud. Typical guy, right? But with good reason: 9.5 inches long, just short of 7 inches around at the widest point. The Sensual Goddess laughed and rolled her eyes, but I know she was impressed. It's the biggest cucumber that's come out of my garden so far this year. :-)

  • Quote of the day (week? year?) from Aerosmith's Steven Tyler. "I'm in it for the three M's: music, money, and mmmpussy!" I guess that's the difference between a professional like him and an amateur like me. I've played in plenty of bands, and there's only been two M's. I've never made a cent.

  • Hula hooping followup: I appreciate the comments. Resolving the cliffhanger, my first try was a false start and an immediate failure, but the second try was a perfect success. I kept it up and going fairly effortlessly - certainly no competition for the girl at the festival, but I do have a sense of body awareness and know how to use my hips. Someone (ahem) requested a video of my hooping skillz, so here you are.

Happy Monday!


  1. We want proof on the table - with tape measure next to it - for a HNT!!!!

    But, after seeing the video you posted, I'm too afraid to see what you'd show us, LOL.

  2. Thank you so much for the laughs. Dirty humor brightens my day like no other kind - and I desperately needed a spot of brightness today. :)

  3. LOL at that video.

    Cumcumber? Really?

    Money's nice but two outta three in the music business ain't bad.

  4. Thanks for the silliness. Much needed on a blah Monday! Have a great week!

  5. LMBO @ the Three M's... Yeah, I never made any money at it either...

    Are they sure that fellow is wearing a fanny pack? Looks more like a codpiece... and an odd shape done at that...


  6. If I possessed dangly boy bits, I'd be measuring too... ;)