Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hula Hooping

This past weekend there was an annual local music festival very near home. Nothing fancy, there were no bands you'd ever heard of, but I love seeing live music (of almost any kind), and sitting on a lawn chair on a pleasant summer day and seeing a variety of bands is my idea of a good time.

It was a hot sunny day, so we set up our chairs in the shade of a tree and took in the scene. There was a big open area in front of the stage, and a ring of trees behind that, where there were food and craft vendors. Most people were sitting around the edge in the shade. The college kids and sun worshippers were in front of the stage, there were kids playing hacky sack, etc. Near where we sat, a hula hoop vendor had a bunch of hoops laying about for people to try out.

Watching the hula hoopers was fascinating. I would watch someone pick one up and make a mental prediction as to how well they'd do. It was usually pretty obvious whether someone would be able to do it or not, but there were some surprises. There were a couple of fit young ladies who looked like they'd be naturals at it, but whose body movement turned out to be jerky and uncoordinated.

Then a blonde woman picked up a hoop, and I was instantly mesmerized. She hardly moved at all...just the subtlest little flick of her hips, and the hoop stayed exactly where she wanted it. She could move, turn, dance...seeming to pay no attention to the hoop. The Sensual Goddess noticed both the woman and my appreciation of her talents.

She laughed at me and shook her head.  "She's pretty good, huh?" I could only agree with the obvious.

A laughing accusation. "I think you're imagining other ways her hips would move."

I laughed out loud. Of course I was.  I'm a man. How could I look at that beautiful sensual movement and not daydream a little....

Postscript (with cliffhanger): we bought a hoop as a gift for a young woman we knew would enjoy it. It's sitting in the garage. This morning I was taking the trash and recycling out to the curb. I looked at the hoop. And wondered. Could I? I was curious. I looked around quickly to make sure no neighbors were looking....

The rest of the scene is left to your imagination. :-)


  1. Love the postscript! I've got a clear visual in my mind for sure.

  2. If we are lucky, you will have a short video for us... showing your hoop skills... in lieu of HNT!! *crossing fingers*

  3. Oh, I think you have mad hola hoop skillz. Too bad I wasn't one of your neighbors to have the pleasure of witnessing you move those hips. :-D

  4. a woman who can hula hoop, or hula dance, goes up about 5 points on the 1-5 scale in my book. It shows they know their body and like it. Women with low self esteem make bad dancers.

  5. I'm also thinking you'd be a natural at the hula hip swivel. Now, there's a mental picture to keep me warm on this cold afternoon... ;)

  6.'s not easy as it looks you know...