Wednesday, July 6, 2011

After Hours

It's the end of the work day, and our eyes meet with a twinkle as the last person besides for the two of us wishes us goodnight and leaves. We both really do have work to catch up on - which is why you're surprised to feel my breath on your neck. You didn't hear me come up behind you, and you flinch at the sensation before realizing it's me.

I sweep the hair away from your neck and kiss your throat softly, as my other hand cups your cheek. You give a little moan, and my grip becomes a little firmer, and I hold your head in place, facing away from me, as my kisses become more urgent on your neck. I haven't shaved today, and you can feel the gentle burn of my whiskers on your soft flesh.

You start to say something, but I quietly hiss "shhhh" in your ear. You're squirming, trying to turn and face me, but I'm holding you where you are.

I smile an evil smile to myself as I feel you continue to squirm, and I realize I need a better grip. My fingers wrap in your hair and make a tight fist. You feel my control and your squirming stops. And don't think I didn't hear your little gasping moan as you felt my fingers tighten in your hair. You're staying right where I want you.

I turn your head slowly and firmly, giving me access to the other side of your neck. I start to kiss and suck roughly...from back at the nape, slowly coming around toward the front. I kiss your earlobe...then your jawline...slowly coming around toward the front.

Finally, I can't resist any longer, and I turn your head to me and kiss your lips hard. My lips devour yours, and my tongue pushes roughly and possessively into your mouth, giving you no choice but to open and accept me.

In one motion, I lift you to standing, sit down in your chair, and bring you down on my lap, facing away from me. My hand still wrapped in your hair, I turn your head to me and continue the deep passionate kiss. My other hand wraps around your waist and starts to explore your body.

(To be continued?)


  1. I didn't know it would be so fun to work after hours. I await the continuation.

  2. Surely that question mark is a typo?

    More. Please. Sir...

  3. If you were working in my office, I'd probably do overtime every day. Yes, more!!

  4. Yes of course. You write well you know...

  5. To be continued? Um. Yes, please.