Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fogged-up Windows

I was reading a reminiscense (I can't remember where) about a teenage make-out session in the back seat of a car, and it really struck a chord. Even after all the time that's passed, some of my very favorite memories are of the backseat make-out sessions.

I can still remember the excitement of getting in the backseat with you, sharing a secret smile, and wordlessly entwining in a kiss. The attempt to get comfortable - where to fit the various limbs in the small space, and how to find a position that wasn't too awkward. But that didn't really matter - as long as you were in my arms and we had some blessed alone time, I was perfectly happy to maintain any cramped and uncomfortable position.

And as the kiss deepened, and we hungrily devoured each other's lips, all sense of discomfort disappeared and the outside world faded away - the whole universe consisted of only the two of us. Bodies pressed close together as lips parted and tongues explored...sometimes urgently, sometimes playfully, but always with passion and the desire for more.

My hands simply had to touch your soft skin, and my fingers were as hungry for you as my lips. I had to stroke your arms...had to cup the back of your head, stroking your shoulders and the nape of your neck...tracing your spine, first over top your shirt, then underneath.

Your arms wrapped around me and our deep passionate kisses continued uninterrupted as my hands continued to touch you. I shifted position so that I could move my hand to your breast, and your soft moan into my mouth spoke volumes. I stroked and squeezed your soft breast through the thin fabric...the hard little bud of your nipple begging for attention.

My tongue explored your open and accepting mouth as my hand lifted your bra out of the way. The softness of your breasts, and how perfectly they fit in my hand, is something I'll never forget. I squeezed and stroked, and the increasing urgency of your kisses made me respond in kind.

How much further did we go in the back seat of that car? I don't remember exactly. Or maybe I'm just not telling. It doesn't matter. It wasn't all the way, as much as I desperately wanted you. But my main memory isn't frustration for what didn't happen - it's of the beautiful experience of what did. It was intimate and delicious and totally connected - breathing each other's breath, and kissing like kissing was the greatest possible pleasure. And maybe it was.

When we finally disentangled and came up for air, we realized with a smile that we had completely fogged up the windows of the car.

Those are sweet memories that will never die. How long has it been?


  1. I have good memories of some car fun... Oddly, I never had teenage experiences like that. Maybe I missed out on something back then, but I know I enjoyed them a lot as an adult!!

  2. Just beautiful... love the imagery. It's uncomfortable but really fun ~