Friday, June 10, 2011

FFF: Trickling Down

Take 1: "Again?"
She rolled over and looked at me with that big carefree grin. "I want you again."

The sweat was trickling down my exhausted body as I smiled and raised an eyebrow. I thought, "How many times have we gone tonight? Three? I'm not seventeen any more!"

How could I possibly cool down this sexy young thing?

Take 2: "Beast"
"You're a beast. My pussy is sore, your cum is trickling down my thighs, and my ass is on fire from all the swats you've given me. I can't go home to my husband in this condition."

I laughed an evil laugh as I watched her put her swimsuit back on, thinking of one possible solution.

Take 3: "Birthday Present"
Summer memories from way back...when I worked at the ice cream shop on the boardwalk. She visited me as I was closing up and cornered me in the walk-in freezer. The condensation was trickling down the walls as she cooed, "How about taking me right here? As my birthday present to you. My pussy's on fire."

I picked her up and said I knew one way to cool her down. She squealed in shock, then smiled as she saw me unzipping my pants.

The challenge this week was: 40-140 words.
The phrase "...trickling down..." must be used.
Go see Panser's Lair to see who else is participating!


  1. I liked all three takes, especially Take 2. Beast, indeed. ;-)

  2. Being a greedy girl, I'll take one, two and three. So delicious... ;)

  3. #2 always appeal to my naughty side. Can't help it! Happy Friday!

  4. "I want you again" nice it is to hear those words. With that said, I think I prefer the third one, although all three have their strong points.

    Thanks for joining us again! Happy FFF to you.

    -- PB

  5. Hard to choose, hard to choose. Let's see... I guess I'll choose the first one, because while it has less connection to the picture, I think it may be the sexiest and yet the most playful. I can almost imagine the speaker picturing the picture in his mind in response to his own question.

  6. Three delightful plays. Glad I'm not the only one who kept writing. Not sure which one is my favorite. Trying to cool passion is always such fun!

  7. Hmm, can't decide between #2 or #3, each is so delicious.

  8. I like Take 3... but Take 1 is so naughty~

  9. Eeny, meeny, miiiiny...

    I can't say moe!! I can't choose =X

  10. Same for me. I can't choose, will take the three!

  11. #2 hands down . . . lol Ciao

  12. Lots of fun, all three of them made me smile. A good week's work.