Friday, June 17, 2011

FFF: Old Postcards

I was cleaning out the attic when I found the yellowed envelope under a stack of old papers. Looking at the contents, I called to you.

You laughed out loud when I showed you the postcards. "These have to be 100 years old. Whose would they be? Your great-grandfather's?"

"Maybe," I said with an evil smile, backing you up against the wall. "I come from a long line of horndogs."

My hand wrapped tightly in your hair as I kissed you hard, then turned you around and bent you over the antique chair.

Note: The Sensual Goddess often pronounces me the King of Friday after reading my FFF entry. This morning she sniffed and said, "I don't see the required phrase. And there are some really good entries this morning." She's right on both counts. So please go check them out (link to Panser's Lair below). As for my omission, I'm not exactly sure what the consequences of that are.... :-)

The challenge this week was: 64-94 words.
The phrase "...a large tip..." must be used.
Go see Panser's Lair to see who else is participating!


  1. Great story. It reminded me of the time I found some erotic writings from my grandparents. As for the lack of phrase, hmmm..... LOL....

  2. It was implied that he was giving her "a hard tip".


  3. A long line of horndogs that run in the family? I like that. ;-) Tell the Sensual Goddess to give you your punishment for missing the required phrase. If not possible, I'm sure one of us (translation = I) will be more than happy to step up to the plate and give you what you deserve. :-D

  4. While cleaning out the attic we found my father-in-law's collection of Playboys. Tame by today's standards, but it made me smile nonetheless. At least he was keeping things interesting.

    I liked your entry...

  5. I adore antique chairs as much as your cheeky, horndog way... ;)