Thursday, June 30, 2011

e[lust] #27

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fogged-up Windows

I was reading a reminiscense (I can't remember where) about a teenage make-out session in the back seat of a car, and it really struck a chord. Even after all the time that's passed, some of my very favorite memories are of the backseat make-out sessions.

I can still remember the excitement of getting in the backseat with you, sharing a secret smile, and wordlessly entwining in a kiss. The attempt to get comfortable - where to fit the various limbs in the small space, and how to find a position that wasn't too awkward. But that didn't really matter - as long as you were in my arms and we had some blessed alone time, I was perfectly happy to maintain any cramped and uncomfortable position.

And as the kiss deepened, and we hungrily devoured each other's lips, all sense of discomfort disappeared and the outside world faded away - the whole universe consisted of only the two of us. Bodies pressed close together as lips parted and tongues explored...sometimes urgently, sometimes playfully, but always with passion and the desire for more.

My hands simply had to touch your soft skin, and my fingers were as hungry for you as my lips. I had to stroke your arms...had to cup the back of your head, stroking your shoulders and the nape of your neck...tracing your spine, first over top your shirt, then underneath.

Your arms wrapped around me and our deep passionate kisses continued uninterrupted as my hands continued to touch you. I shifted position so that I could move my hand to your breast, and your soft moan into my mouth spoke volumes. I stroked and squeezed your soft breast through the thin fabric...the hard little bud of your nipple begging for attention.

My tongue explored your open and accepting mouth as my hand lifted your bra out of the way. The softness of your breasts, and how perfectly they fit in my hand, is something I'll never forget. I squeezed and stroked, and the increasing urgency of your kisses made me respond in kind.

How much further did we go in the back seat of that car? I don't remember exactly. Or maybe I'm just not telling. It doesn't matter. It wasn't all the way, as much as I desperately wanted you. But my main memory isn't frustration for what didn't happen - it's of the beautiful experience of what did. It was intimate and delicious and totally connected - breathing each other's breath, and kissing like kissing was the greatest possible pleasure. And maybe it was.

When we finally disentangled and came up for air, we realized with a smile that we had completely fogged up the windows of the car.

Those are sweet memories that will never die. How long has it been?

Saturday, June 25, 2011

"Dancing Days"

I've chosen my Saturday "dash of happy" song based on the fact that we're enjoying the longest days of the year (here in the Northern hemisphere.) Led Zeppelin's "Dancing Days" has lyrics that seem to fit:
Dancing days are here again,
As the summer evenings grow.
I got my flower, I got my power,
I got a woman who knows.
These are the carefree days of summer, and even though it's been many years since I got a summer vacation, the memories of long summer evenings are sweet indeed.  As a boy, that meant "school's out", running around in the woods, playing baseball, and catching fireflies.  As a teen, those memories also include the chasing (and occasional catching!) of sweet young ladies.

Those are happy memories of dancing days.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, June 24, 2011

FFF: Rattle and Hum

The adventure started with our impulse lunch-hour fuck in the unused conference room. It was all going beautifully until....

"Holy shit, I can feel you swelling inside me. Pull out!"

"I can't. I don’t know what's happening."

"What do you mean you can't pull out? Ouch, this is uncomfortable. Are you telling me you've swollen so big we’re fused together?!?"

We tried again to uncouple, but every attempt just made the pain worse. Then I had an idea, and reminded her that City General Hospital was right across the street. She objected at first, but couldn’t think of any better ideas. So off we went through the rattle and hum of noonday traffic, doing an awkward four-legged hobble across the street, finally collapsing into the Emergency Room.

The challenge this week was: 100-200 words.
The phrase "...rattle and hum..." must be used.
Go see Panser's Lair to see who else is participating!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sex Lives of Politicians

From the "blast of common sense" department:
It Is Time to Stop Reporting on the Sex Lives of Politicians
It's hard to imagine today's sleazy press actually doing this, but it's a lovely thought. We've long since passed the point where no one with a shred of personal dignity would even consider a high-profile public office. Who in their right mind would subject themselves and their families to that kind of "crawl up your ass with a microscope and look for anything you or a family member has ever done/written/e-mailed/texted/Facebooked/Tweeted/etc." scrutiny?

Personally, I'm an upstanding citizen (yes, really) and I like the idea of making a difference, though politics of any kind fills me with disgust. But just the fact of having this blog (if for no other reason!) disqualifies me from any office higher than (or maybe including) town dog catcher.  Maybe that's no big loss in my case, but I have to think there are many other well-qualified people who also wouldn't consider public service, given today's media environment.

It's a damn shame.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

TMI Tuesday, 6/21/11

1. How many states have you had sex in? How many countries? Yes, Oral counts! All sex acts – penetrative or not – are sex.
Let's see, number of U.S. states: I think 8, if you include D.C., which isn't really a state. No wait, it's 9, definitely 9 - I almost forgot my New Orleans blowjob! Number of countries: 4 (and only one province in my neighboring country.)

2. What do you think is the sexiest piece of clothing a man/women wears on a daily basis? e.g., bra, jeans, sundress, dress shirt, etc.
The sleeveless sundress. It looks great all by itself, before you even get to the erotic possibilities of easy access, etc.

3. Would you date yourself? Why or why not?
Of course. Why wouldn't I date the perfect combination of charm, intelligence, wit, rugged good looks, and sexual prowess? Oh, and modesty, I almost forgot modesty.... :-)

4. Which muscle do you work the hardest: brain, heart, mouth?
The brain, no contest. The thing is always running, and that's usually fine - except when it isn't, and the damn thing won't shut off. I've been told (and I know it's true) that sometimes I could use a well-placed bonk on the head to stop thinking!

The heart is a close second, with the mouth a distant third. I can be quite chatty in e-mail, but I'm very quiet in person.

5. Fill-in the blank: I am totally prissy (overly finicky) when it comes to:
Hmmmm, I'm drawing a blank. If this is the same as squeamish, then needles. I'm not a big fan, and sometimes get light-headed when having blood drawn.

Bonus: Describe your darkest fantasy.
Hmmmm.... I have lots of fantasies, but not many that I'd consider dark.  Probably something involving bondage/domination....  I'll have to give this some more thought.

Go see Hedone at The Pleasure Principle to see who else is playing.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ogling a Bartender

...or "Thoughts As Time Passes"

Last night I had a number of hours to pass by myself in a lovely touristy area in a nearby city. The first order of business after completing errand #1 was food and drink. With many good options, I chose a beer-and-wings place on the waterfront, and found a place at the bar in front of a big-screen TV.

I couldn't help but notice that my bartender, Julia, was drop-dead gorgeous. Probably in her early 20's, with a smoking little body and mesmerizing cleavage. I know her name was Julia because of the name tag she was wearing on her left breast - if she'd been wearing it anywhere else, I might not have noticed it.

But I realized as I enjoyed my beer that I wasn't thinking of her in "that way." Of course I recognized that she was beautiful and sexy - basically this culture's ideal of desirable young womanhood. But my thoughts were more appreciating how beautiful she was, without the "Oh yeah, what I wouldn't give to x, y, and z with her." (Specifics of "x", "y", and "z" are left to the reader's imagination.)

I was half smiling to myself, and half a little sad (in a bittersweet way) to realize how the passage of years has changed my perspective on her. I also realized that many of my thoughts of her were paternal, and hoping that she's blessed with happiness in addition to beauty.

Of course, this isn't to say that if she had some serious Daddy issues and decided that what she needed more than anything was a roll in the sack with me...well, who would I be to deny a pretty thing such an experience? I'm not turning in my Horndog Society membership card just yet. But I realize that I just think about girls of that age, no matter how sexy, in a different way now. Sad, but true.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

"String of Pearls"

For my Saturday "dash of happy" song on this Father's Day weekend, I'm going back to 1942. That means Big Band music. My Dad enjoyed many different styles of music, but for him it never got better than the Big Band music of his youth. And since he played his old albums when I was growing up, I picked up some appreciation for it too.

My selection today is Glenn Miller's "String of Pearls", which is a fantastic tune - both rocking and sensual. I'm not sure if it was Dad's favorite song, but of the music I know from that era, it's probably my favorite. Dedicated to my father.

Happy Saturday, and happy Father's Day weekend to the dads out there.

Friday, June 17, 2011

FFF: Old Postcards

I was cleaning out the attic when I found the yellowed envelope under a stack of old papers. Looking at the contents, I called to you.

You laughed out loud when I showed you the postcards. "These have to be 100 years old. Whose would they be? Your great-grandfather's?"

"Maybe," I said with an evil smile, backing you up against the wall. "I come from a long line of horndogs."

My hand wrapped tightly in your hair as I kissed you hard, then turned you around and bent you over the antique chair.

Note: The Sensual Goddess often pronounces me the King of Friday after reading my FFF entry. This morning she sniffed and said, "I don't see the required phrase. And there are some really good entries this morning." She's right on both counts. So please go check them out (link to Panser's Lair below). As for my omission, I'm not exactly sure what the consequences of that are.... :-)

The challenge this week was: 64-94 words.
The phrase "...a large tip..." must be used.
Go see Panser's Lair to see who else is participating!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

No Decision

I read a great post from Snake at "Life is Beautiful" that rants against the silliness of the belief that being gay or straight is a decision that one makes. I completely agree, and it also brings up some memories of mine from a very young age.

The first sexual thoughts I can remember (although I only classify them as "sexual" in hindsight) were in first grade. There were two first grade classes in my school, and the classrooms were right next to each other. My teacher was the best first grade teacher I can imagine - an older-middle-aged matronly woman who was warm, sweet, and loving, in addition to being a good teacher. Having her was a blessing and a wonderful way to be introduced to the whole process of school.

But I digress - the teacher of the other first grade class was a young, slim, curvy thing who dressed in mini-skirts and tight sweaters. I had no words to describe what I felt, I just knew, at six years old, that I liked looking at her a lot! Her long legs, the curving flare of her hips, and the shape of her breasts under that sweater were just mesmerizing. I got a thrill every single time she came into our class to talk to my teacher. I couldn't have explained why I liked to look at her, I just knew that nothing could have kept my eyes off her.

And I have another distant memory, also from first grade. I've always loved cats, and have lived with cats basically all my life (only excepting four years at college.) A few of the girls in my class also liked cats, and somehow we began playing "cats" at recess. They were the cats, and I was the cat owner. They got on all fours and meowed and purred, and I petted their hair and told them they were good kitties. I *loved* playing cats, and again, got a secret thrill that I couldn't have described. Just an inner rush - a feeling that here was something new and exciting and *really* good.

Anyone who knows me now might say that nothing has changed in all those years (hopefully without rolling their eyes....) Yes, I'm still mesmerized by a woman's curves, and yes, I still love stroking a woman and running my fingers through her hair. (We'll leave my desire to be surrounded by subservient women on their hands and knees uncommented on, thank you very much.)

But my point is that these feelings weren't a decision on my part - this was hard-wired. The sight of a busty young thing in a short skirt and tight sweater thrilled me the first time I saw it, in a "Hell yeah, that's what I want!" way, even at six years old, when I hadn't the slightest idea where that desire ultimately led. I can't imagine that being gay is different. I have to think that while they're responding to different stimuli, it's the same pre-rational "Hell yeah!" There's no decision involved.

(That said, anyone up for a game of "cats"? :-))

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Wealthy Soul

I've chosen my Saturday "dash of happy" song based on one specific lyric that really speaks to me. Bob Seger's "Travelin' Man/Beautiful Loser" is a great song from the classic rock era. The song as a whole isn't really happy or unhappy, but I just love these lines:
Sometimes at night, I see their faces
I feel the traces they've left on my soul
Those are the memories that make me a wealthy soul
That last line has been bouncing around in my head recently. I've been feeling very much blessed and grateful for the people in my life (both those here now, and those not here any longer), the experiences I've had, and the beautiful memories that I can call up in my mind's eye. In short, I'm feeling very much like a wealthy soul.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, June 10, 2011

FFF: Trickling Down

Take 1: "Again?"
She rolled over and looked at me with that big carefree grin. "I want you again."

The sweat was trickling down my exhausted body as I smiled and raised an eyebrow. I thought, "How many times have we gone tonight? Three? I'm not seventeen any more!"

How could I possibly cool down this sexy young thing?

Take 2: "Beast"
"You're a beast. My pussy is sore, your cum is trickling down my thighs, and my ass is on fire from all the swats you've given me. I can't go home to my husband in this condition."

I laughed an evil laugh as I watched her put her swimsuit back on, thinking of one possible solution.

Take 3: "Birthday Present"
Summer memories from way back...when I worked at the ice cream shop on the boardwalk. She visited me as I was closing up and cornered me in the walk-in freezer. The condensation was trickling down the walls as she cooed, "How about taking me right here? As my birthday present to you. My pussy's on fire."

I picked her up and said I knew one way to cool her down. She squealed in shock, then smiled as she saw me unzipping my pants.

The challenge this week was: 40-140 words.
The phrase "...trickling down..." must be used.
Go see Panser's Lair to see who else is participating!

Monday, June 6, 2011


I collapse, letting my body weight down on you...a thin sheen of sweat on our naked bodies. I thought my climax would never end - it was electric, mind-blowing, complete. My cries, and your answering moans as you felt me unloading deep inside you, are still echoing in my ears.

I slowly regain my senses, still thick and hard inside you. I tease us both a little longer, moving my hips and sliding slowly in and out of your slick warm tightness, and I can feel you playfully squeezing me. I finally withdraw and roll off of you onto the bed. I gather you under my wing and smile a blissful smile as you snuggle into me.

Even though our lovemaking is over for now, the feel of your warm body pressed into mine is still a delicious sensual pleasure. Our breathing is still returning to normal, and I run my hands over your body wherever I can reach - tracing up and down your back, stroking your arms, your shoulders...touching your face.

Running my fingers down your arm, our fingers meet, then entwine. Our hands, warm and soft, fold into each other. Absolutely perfect.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

"What I'd Say"

For my Saturday "dash of happy" song, I'm going with the immortal Ray Charles. Hearing "What I'd Say" always puts a bounce in my step. Classic piano, and how can you not sing along with his call-and-response with his backup singers, The Raelettes?

The story behind this song, as I've heard it, is that he was playing a dance hall, the contract said he had to play 15 more minutes, and he was out of material. So he just started riffing on the piano, made up some words, the backup singers joined in, and they finished out the required 15 minutes.

In my house, the lyric "I'm gonna send you back to Arkansas" has been changed to "I'm gonna send you back to Oshawa." (Obligatory Canadian reference for the Sensual Goddess.)

I also note with approval that Ray Charles was a world-class horndog. He was quoted as saying that to be a Raelette, a girl not only had to pass the audition, she also had to "let Ray." When I need backup singers (The Maxettes?), the same conditions will apply.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, June 3, 2011

FFF: Breaking Point

The game was simple. She had a big load of my cum in her mouth. She was not allowed to swallow, but had to keep it in her mouth. My fingers were coated with her pussy juice. If she could reach my fingers and suck off her moisture, then she could swallow.

She strained at the leash, but my fingers stayed out of reach. I warned her that if she spilled or swallowed without permission that I would find a new use for the handle of the scythe.

She lunged at my fingers, pulling the chain to the breaking point. As she reached with her tongue, one big drop of white cum rolled out and hit the floor.

The challenge this week was: 110-118 words.
The phrase "...the breaking point..." must be used.
Go see Panser's Lair to see who else is participating!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thoughts on a Wedding

"I would rather officiate at a funeral than a wedding. Funerals have none of the completely unrealistic expectations that I see in weddings." 
-- Facebook conversation (paraphrased as best as I can remember) with a high school classmate of mine who's now a Methodist minister

I'm now back home after the big family wedding. I'm tired today after the long drive yesterday, but overall it was a lot of fun, and nice to get away over the long weekend. My in-laws are delightful people, and it's always a pleasure to stay with them. They make us feel completely at home, and we always share a lot of laughs.

The wedding itself was beautiful - possibly the most beautiful I've ever attended. It was outdoors, in a little wooded ampitheather, and the weather was perfect - sunny, pleasant, blue skies.

The reception was as expected - good food and drink, and as much as you wanted. Sadly, I have no really juicy stories - I was the subject of some playful flirting, but I also had two lovely young ladies who were acting as my chaperones. There was plenty of dancing, and with considerable effort I got both of my chaperones out on the dance floor with me.

But going back to the quote at the top of this post - unrealistic expectations was all I could think about during the ceremony. The very explicit message to the bride and groom was "you now have your domestic partner, sexual partner, confidant, and best friend - for the rest of your lives." By implication, that means that no one else is allowed to fill any of these roles, ever. I could not help thinking that these expectations are only met in fairy tales.

I'll be accused of being jaded and cynical (from within my own house, if from nowhere else), but I don't think I am - I'm just observing the world around me. And my observation is that two people, no matter how well-intentioned, cannot possibly be all those things to each other. People have different needs - and they change and grow. What a tragedy to label anything off of an impossibly narrow path as "forbidden" and "bad."

I wish the young couple every happiness, and life seems very good for them at the moment. I foresee some possibly rude awakenings for them, but I hope they can treat each other with love and compassion as they grow and change.