Wednesday, May 4, 2011

In the Morning

I want you in the morning. I want to move in close behind you while you're still asleep. I want to quiet you when you realize what I'm doing, and protest that you're unshowered...have morning breath...and that my cum is still leaking out of you from last night. None of those things matter to me - I want you now, first thing in the morning.

I want to hear you mutter that I'm insatiable...wasn't last night enough? How can I be ready to go again? But I am. And you can't fool me. Protest all you like, you love that I want you to feel my fully erect cock nestled between the cheeks of your ass.

I want to move on top of you, discarding your nightgown, moving in between your legs. You tell me you're not ready, but I know better, and I push into you slowly and steadily. When I bottom out, balls deep inside you, you finally seem convinced. My mouth covers yours, and my tongue pushes into your mouth...invading...possessive. My hips start moving...thrusting...and I feel your pussy gush around me.

I want to hear the delicious sounds. Your moans into my mouth. The squishing, slurping sounds your pussy makes as I pound you hard. The sounds of my growls. The warning that I'm going to release...going to shoot another load into you. And I do, urgently, as you wrap your legs around me and climax with a cry.

I want to stay inside you, on top of you, as I slowly come down. Most of all I want to hear you say the words that put an evil smile on my face. "You're so damn bad", said with that delightful mixture of accusation and awe.

You're goddamn right I am.


  1. Hot damn you are so damn bad. Morning fucking like this is fantastic!

  2. Yes, you are and that is what makes you so special! What a happy woman she is!

  3. Morning sex... I'm envious! Nothing bad about that. :)

  4. Bad..bad...bad... You are damn good at this.

    Love the picture with it ~

  5. What a delicious way to welcome the day. This has me wanting too...

  6. Wow! makes me want a "bad man" too! ;)

  7. Wow - I am dripping after reading that ...

    xx Dee

  8. I think it might be every woman's dream to be wanted this badly by her man :)