Sunday, May 8, 2011

Farmer Max

I was reminded, on this beautiful sunny Mother's Day, that digging in the dirt is a sensual pleasure all its own.

I spent most of today digging and planting, and it was rewarding in a way that I never would have understood as a boy or younger man. My mom now has colorful flower-beds to enjoy, and there are now flowers under my bird feeders. My little backyard vegetable garden now has two cherry tomato plants, plus cucumber plants. The vegetable garden doesn't get enough sun to really thrive, but I've been doing it for a few years now, and it always does well enough.

And it really is a sensual pleasure. Pushing a spade into the earth just has a feel to it, and turning over the earth just has a smell to it. Preparing the beds just so, and tamping in the plants has a tactile component that I enjoy.  Also, it just feels good to get out in the sun and work and sweat.  It's good honest work, and gives me a feeling of connection with the Earth that I don't get any other way.

As sensual pleasures go, it doesn't rival the touch of a lover, but it's really good in its own way.


  1. The digging and the planting.
    Very Earthy!
    Rock on!

  2. I did some of that too yesterday, my only problem are the crawling bugs - spiders included - that force me to wear gloves!

  3. i grew up on a large residential plot of ground (too small to call a farm) and hated gardening growing up, but, and all of my family has gone through the same transition, we all are gardeners as adults. I love getting 2 spades deep and adding manure. I love seeing my soil improve each year, and I love seeing the greenery that I encouraged to grow. Excellent post Max.

  4. The weather was excellent yesterday but I only managed to throw out all the weeds and dead flowers from last year. I enjoy gardening too - but yes gloves are a must.

  5. Great way to honor our Mother Earth. And I is joyful and visceral in its own way. :) Glad you enjoyed it.