Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Family Wedding

I'll be traveling over the holiday weekend for a big family wedding. And when I say big, I mean rivaling the recent Royal Wedding. Everything's going to be first-class and oh-so-fancy. The couple in question must be doing well for themselves, and who am I to begrudge them if they want their big day in the spotlight. It's certain to be a lot of fun, and good food and drink will be flowing freely.

Also, I'm apparently the subject of some discussion, being a relatively new and exotic addition to the family. The Sensual Goddess has been teasing me about all the ladies who are going to want to dance with me. I'm really not that exotic, but I'll be happy to dance with anyone who asks.

I do have some reservations though. Part of me can't help thinking how much money is being spent on one day. Being naturally cheap frugal and responsible, if I were them, I would pay off a big chunk of my mortgage instead of opting for every extravagance at the reception. Also, it seems that all the focus has been on planning one perfect day, and not so much thought put into living life as a couple after the big day is over and all the attention has gone away.

Not for me to judge, of course, and I wish them every happiness. I also wish myself every happiness on Saturday - perhaps I can earn a reputation as not only exotic, but also as a really really bad man. The Sensual Goddess has laughed and told me to go for it. Any interesting stories will follow.


  1. Yeah, at a time like this, while I don't begrudge a bit of celebration during a wedding, it seems like maybe there are better things to spend money on. I guess it revitalizes the economy by giving wedding planners a lot of cash. Trickle-down wedding-nomics?

    Anyway, have fun because it's not your money ;)

  2. I tuned out after reading "food & drink will be flowing freely". You're right, don't begrudge them for that!!! You might even dance on a table for those ladies if you drink too much?! Now that would be exotic. ;)

  3. I completely agree. That amount of money, divided into say 36 monthly special evenings or weekend getaways for the years to come, or invested for a slightly less strained everyday financial situation, could probably serve as the base for a whole series of really fine memories, instead of one very extravagant day. I'm sure you'll have fun though, enjoy!

  4. Have a great time! Looking forward to some fun stories. :)

  5. Totally agree with you. I'd prefer a different option, like sexy week-ends escapes... and lovely memories, but we're all different.