Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blogger Outage

The old saying "you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone" was proven to me again yesterday when had a technical failure and went offline for most of a day. (The latest explanation I've seen of what happened is here.) I was surprised at how much not having access to Blogger changed the feel of my day.

The fact that it happened on a Thursday night into Friday hit me especially hard, as I couldn't post my FFF on Thursday night, and still couldn't post it Friday morning. Then I couldn't read new posts from the blogs I follow, which is an enjoyable part of my morning routine. I didn't lose any posts, but I did lose some comments (and those of you who know how much I adore the comments I get, will know just how much that pains me!)

Thankfully, Blogger came back online yesterday around 1:00pm, and things got back to normal fairly quickly. We're now back in the routine of posting/reading/commenting, but I won't soon forget what it was like to be without it for a day. I missed it more than I would have guessed.


  1. You know what I just realized? Even though we missed our daily dose of Blogger (I'm still recovering), technically nobody was able to post, so we didn't miss anything new!! But very glad it's back online. It sucks on the lost comments though.

  2. I know! I was surprise how rabid I was about NOT having my blogger. I too have a routine. Certain points in my schedule I take a break, get a coffee and read blogger.


    Blogger status updates:

  3. Not only was it a case of not knowing what I had until it was gone, but it was also the Muse striking when it was unavailable. Typical. I'm sure my head would have been howling winds and tumbleweeds if that wasn't the case.

    (I've just read Blogger will be restoring lost data. And I've re-posted my HNT! Hmmm, what to do? Surely, two post of the same bottom shot would be excess of the worst kind (even for me)?)

  4. Im most pissed about losing the comments. Its still not perfect cause my profile isn't showing up anymore and it says its listed as one of my gadgets.

    Good to be baxck online and always good to read you.

  5. I'm so rarely on blogger these days, that I was upset not being able to leave any comments. Fortunately, there was gmail. :)

  6. Love the photo you used (lol)! It is probably much closer to the mark than we dare to imagine. To Minx's point, wouldn't you just know that the muse would strike only to be struck down?! Glad we're back up and running. xo - E.