Tuesday, April 5, 2011

TMI Tuesday, 4/5/11

A number of these questions are aimed at the ladies, but I'll either answer them as-is or turn them around as best I can.

1. Do you like to be called a slut? (yes, this can pertain to men as well)
Heh. I've never been called it, and I think I would laugh out loud if I was.

2. What is your definition of a real man or woman?
Self-confident without being arrogant, warm, honest, independent.

3. What quality do you value most in a woman, eg: Loyalty, humour, etc?
See #2.

4. What physical quality of a woman are you most attracted to?
There's no one physical quality that attracts me. And no, not even the stereotypical guy answer, "big tits." Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course. There just has to be something feminine about the whole package. I love the classic curves.

5. Would you rather be the boss in charge or the boss's right hand man/woman?
Honestly, I function more effectively as the right hand man.

6. What sexual act could you not live without?
Kissing. I *adore* kissing. Some of my very favorite memories are of make-out sessions that never went any further than that. It's sensual, connected, intimate, delicious.

7. What sexual act would you never do again?
I've never done anything that I wouldn't do again. Maybe that means I haven't done enough....

8. Have you ever masturbated while driving, if so what did you use to stimulate yourself?
I've never done it. However, I have brought the Sensual Goddess off with my fingers while I was driving. That's probably worthy of a blog post one day.

9. Have you ever wondered how fucking feels to the opposite sex?
All the time. The sensation of penetrating is so damn toe-curlingly good, I can't help be curious about what it feels like to receive that.

10. Do you remember the first time you heard the term clit, what was your impression?
It sounded like a strange word. This was probably in the middle school days of looking up "sex" in the library's encyclopedia when the librarian wasn't looking. Yes, that's what we had to do before the Internet. And you kids get off my lawn!

11. What is the first thing you ever masturbated to or with?
A fistful of shampoo (as I described here.)
(Edit: Re-reading, I think this question is asking what I was thinking about. In that case, I'm not sure about the answer. Possibly my 8th grade English teacher - a short busty brunette. Or in those days it could have been a bra ad in the Sears catalog, or any of a zillion other arousing things.)

12. For the girls, does Male on Male sex turn you on? Not as in two guys fucking each other but say seeing your husband or boyfriend touch, stroke, suck another man in your presence?
Since there's no "for the guys" part of this question, I'll answer it two ways. Guy/guy sex doesn't do anything for me. Those who like it are welcome to it, it just doesn't arouse me personally. That said, it doesn't repulse me, and I can't say that I wouldn't be open to something with the right people in the right situation. But it's not a desire of mine. Turning this around, yes, girl/girl touching, stroking, kissing, etc., is one of the biggest turn-ons there is. I've written about this before. The Sensual Goddess has been teasing me for years with the thought of having me watch her and another woman.

Go see Hedone at The Pleasure Principle to see who else is playing.


  1. I should do that one... love the questions!

    I agree on kissing (man/woman)... I never have enough!

    As for how it feels for us, it's something I wanted to try to describe in a post itself. I just need a refresher/practice to make sure I cover all the angles. ;)

  2. drools @ #8 and waits for that blog post!

    Great answers!!!

  3. You, Slut! (did ya laugh out loud?)

    I love to kiss, too.

    Encyclopedia? What's that? *snicker*

  4. (I love to be under H *wink* )


    Great answers Max. I like #7 :)

    #8 - Oh yes, get to writing.

    #10 - LOL


  5. hot, hot and hot!

    all i have to say is who is driving and who is cumming?

    I played :) naughty as ever

  6. Love this one! Great reading Max. :) I think I'm gonna do it too...even though a couple days late! Lol.