Tuesday, April 12, 2011

TMI Tuesday, 4/12/11

1. What is your favorite part of sex?
Wow, I'm not sure I can answer this, any more than I could say my favorite part of a sunset. It's all good. I think I could name 20 favorite parts.  The connection, the intimacy, the variety of sensory experiences. Maybe the initial penetration....

2. Have you asked your significant other or spouse what their biggest sexual fantasy is? Did you like it or are you not interested? What is it?
I asked her just this minute, and she says she's living it every day, here with me. Quite the diplomat, eh?

3. Do you enjoy phone sex?
Oh yes! I love phone sex. With the right partner, the connection and the intimacy are amazing. It's not a substitute for the real thing of course, but it can be pretty damn good. My phone threesome is one of my all-time most erotic memories. (Mary, where are you?)

4. Have you ever had a sexy nickname? How did you get it? What is it?
Not really. The Sensual Goddess will sometimes gasp out, "You're a beast!" Which doesn't do my ego any harm.

5. What’s your favorite color lingerie?
Another one I'm not sure I can answer. So many good options. Black is good, red is good. I also like maroon, light blue, etc., etc. Let's see, what color lingerie *don't* I like?  Hmmmm....

6. Have you ever had sex with "just a friend" and gone back to "just being" friends?
No, I never have. It sounds like it would be very difficult. Once the genie is out of the bottle, very tough to put it back in.

7. If in a romantic relationship or marriage, what is the best thing about it right now?
Laughter, compatible sex drives.

Bonus: How did your last relationship end?

Go see Hedone at The Pleasure Principle to see who else is playing.


  1. 2. Awww! That's a wonderful answer!

    4. "Beast", eh? Another good one. ;-)

    7. I agree about the laughter and compatible sex drives.

    Enjoyed reading all your answers. Happy TMI Tuesday!

  2. Awww on #2! That's too cute. That must boost your ego as good as #4. ;)

  3. You just reminded me of a phone sex 3some I had long ago. Was hot!

    #2 is wonderful!

  4. Loved reading your answers. I think I'll play today, too.

  5. 1. Well said.

    2. :-) Very very sweet.

    3. Phone threesome story is incredibly sexy. Worth the read everyone.

    7. Not having this has ruined many a relationship. Lucky you two.


  6. Yes...I can agree...favorite thing about sex? Impossible to answer, really.

    And I too love the name "beast" for a man. I speak of this archetype a lot in my blog.

    Thanks Max! A. :)