Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Silk Memories (Part 2)

(Continued from here)

It was dark when I awoke, though numerous candles cast a soft glow throughout the bedchamber. I was no sooner awake than you floated into the chamber with a number of attendants, each bearing food and drink. You fed me course after course of delicacies never enjoyed on the road, prepared in ways I couldn't guess, and flavored with hints of spices from the Far East. My goblet was filled with clear, sweet Phrygian wine, and attendants kept it filled almost without my knowing they were there.

As I ate, you asked me for news and stories from the road and from the far-off lands I had seen. And I had stories - more than I could tell in a month. As with all traveler's tales, the more miserable and dangerous the experience was, the more romantic the re-telling.

Time had no meaning - I couldn't say whether the meal lasted one or four hours. I savored every bite of food, every sip of wine, every gaze of your eyes, every word from your lips.

The meal over, attendants cleaned up and left without a word or motion from you. Music now found my ears - beautiful music, not the coarse campfire songs of the road. I heard a flute, a harp, a viol, and a drum coming from unseen musicians. Their music both matched and set the mood, and you began to dance - for yourself and for me.

The dance was slow, sinuous, flowing, sensual. You used the silk robes you were wearing as accessories to the dance, plus scarves and veils that you made flow like liquid. The music ever so slowly increased in tempo and built in tension. But nothing was rushed - this was dance not as foreplay, but dance for its own sensual pleasure, the connection between dancer and watcher as intimate as that between lovers.

Almost imperceptibly, the dancing became lovemaking. The slightest parting of silk garments, and the connection of the dance turned into a connection of bodies. You consumed me with the briefest hint of a smile, continued the dance on me, without interruption. You moved slowly and with infinite grace, coaxing me to join the dance. And I did join, gratefully, matching my motions and rhythm to yours, feeling your grace and intensity all the way down to the very core of my being.

You re-taught me the arts of lovemaking, controlling the pace skillfully, bringing me close to the edge and then backing off. You showed me how intimate the connection could be when two bodies and two spirits join as one. You finally kept me so close to the edge that I thought I would die if I couldn't release. With a knowing smile, you finally guided me over. I groaned deeply at the exquite intensity, filled you with my seed, then passed out as you held me lovingly in your arms.

(Continued here)


  1. Mmmmm, that is one silky smooth story. More!

    (why do I suddenly want to take belly dancing lessons now?!)

  2. Wow! I'm really loving this story. More, please.

  3. Yes...awesome. I have a vague, nagging familiarity with this whole setting. I believe I have done this type of service/work myself. But in temples...for soldiers who were returning from battle.

    Oh...more to the story? I can't wait! :)

  4. It sounds like a real story, very sensual and captivating! Great writing!