Thursday, April 28, 2011

FFF: In Pairs

We were in a nice restaurant, and he was putting the red wine down hard and fast. Topping off our glasses with the remainder of the bottle, he motioned at the two empty seats at the table.

"Did you ever notice that they have to go to the ladies room in pairs? What the hell is up with that? What goes on in there anyway? Two guys would never go to the men's room together."

I agreed that we wouldn't. And as I listened to him ramble, I'll admit I was curious what you were doing in the ladies room. While we all got along well, I knew that you considered his blonde trophy wife a bit arrogant.

Just then the two of you reappeared. I noticed that you looked a bit flushed, and the private wink you gave me piqued my curiosity.

Later, as I pulled the chair out and helped you up, you whispered in my ear, "I've found us a playmate."

The challenge this week was: 120-240 words.
The phrase "...hard and fast..." must be used.
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  1. Oh it's true, totally true. When we gals go off to powder our noses in groups, it's really because we all want to get each other off with strapons ;) Would that the world worked more like that...

  2. I loved this one... goes incredibly well with the image, and really, really, REALLY got my imagination going ;-). I'm about to start a long busy day of work, and this was exactly what I needed, so thanks.

  3. I like everything that isn't said in this story; it does get the imagination going!

    My visits to the ladies room are never that interesting though!

  4. that's what goes on. :-)

    Very good Max but now a well-guarded secret has been leaked to the universe.

    I confess I am not one of those ladies who goes in pairs. In fact, when I was younger (college days, mid 20s) I used to get irritated when girlfriends would ask me if I had to go because they wanted to get up and go to the bathroom. Stupid me! Little did I know it was an invitation to hot fun :D


  5. Hahahahaha. I'll bet more than one of us has fantasized about exactly this when our girlfriends head off to the bathroom together. I'll bet it does happen more often than some people would think. :)

    Thanks for joining in this week!

    -- PB

  6. Wow! I wish it was like this when we wandered off together... ;) Great story!

  7. I love it! Ya know, 'cause I've always wondered what they were doing... I'm just impressed with how fast they had to work on those ropes.

  8. What a simple and fun story, Max. I especially liked the last sentence, that shows the 'complicity' between them... So nice : )