Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ass Play

I lay on my back and you move on top of me, straddling me, getting ready to ride. After some teasing, you finally sink down on me, driving me deep, and I groan out loud. You start moving up and down on my cock, as I play with your nipples and squeeze your ass cheeks.

You move down to kiss me, and our tongues dance. My left hand wraps in the hair at the nape of your neck, pulling your lips harder into mine. My right hand playfully smacks your ass cheek a few times, then starts to explore between your cheeks. I gather some of your slick wetness on my finger, then I start to tease your tight little asshole. I rub in slow circles as you grind your pussy down with increased vigor.

You break the kiss to accuse me. "You're so damn bad."

But there's the hint of a smile in the accusation, and your actions tell me more than your words - you scoot slightly higher, giving me better access to play with your ass. And I continue playing...teasing you...not pushing my finger in, but flirting with your you an added sensation as you continue riding my cock.

I know the intensity becomes too much for you on top, so I'm not surprised when you come off me and tell me you want it from behind. I'm more than happy to oblige. You get on all fours and I move in behind you. I'm feeling carnal now, like an animal, and you know I'm going to fuck you hard.

Your pussy is absolutely sopping, and I enter you in one long stroke. I start a slow steady rhythm, because I want this to last. I reach down with my right hand and feel my cock sliding in and out of you. I gather your moisture on my middle finger, making sure it's nice and slippery, then I slowly push it into your tight ring. Your moan becomes deeper and more guttural as my finger slides in.

I pause when my finger is in your ass up to the first knuckle. Even though I shouldn't be, I'm still surprised by how tight you are. I start to push my finger deeper, keeping up the slow rhythm of fucking your pussy. When my finger is fully buried in your ass, I slowly withdraw it.

Now you're used to me, and I can start doubly penetrating you with each thrust. My cock and my finger move in unison - thrusting in...pulling out. Your moans of pleasure are now whimpers of orgasm, and I'm having no mercy. I pound your pussy harder and faster, feeling my own climax approaching...and my finger pushes deep into your ass with each stroke.

My orgasm is on me before I know it. With one final savage thrust I push myself into you as deep as I can, trying to fill you completely. I cry out as I release...then I stay inside you for a while as I slowly come down. Finally I withdraw from you, cock and finger sliding out at the same time.  We collapse on the bed, utterly spent.

"You're just wicked."



  1. again. ahhhmazing indeed.

  2. I think she's pretty wicked too!! I like those moments that start off slow, then build up to steamy finishes.

  3. Oh've described a perfect lovemaking turned animalistic session! Love that you just did it...without asking. But then I'm certain you know each other well enough to know what's acceptable. Very hot!

    A. :)

  4. wicked story indeed but delightful to read. sweet and steamy ~

    you have a way of writing good stories - something which i am still striving to do. i look forward to checking out your other stories ~