Monday, March 14, 2011

Meeting Saucy (Part 2)

(Continued from here)

Assured that we weren't cops, we started to be approached by dancers. The Sensual Goddess found the whole experience fascinating, and we kept up a running commentary on each girl. She takes pride in being able to predict which girls I'll find attractive, and she's not often wrong. She pegged the ones I fancied, and the ones I didn't find at all attractive. We also talked about who we might want a lap dance from. We agreed on a few, and decided that the next one of those who asked, we'd accept.

One of our girls came over to ask us for a lap dance, and we asked if she would do it for both of us. For $20 (in U.S. money, at a time when U.S. dollars had a huge exchange-rate advantage), she was ours for one song. She took us back to a semi-private area with the familiar couches, and introduced herself as Saucy.

She was a hot little number, lean but with a woman's curves, probably in her middle 20's, perky B-cup breasts. She asked me who she should concentrate on, and I nodded at the Sensual Goddess. She went over the ground rules. Basically, we could touch her any place except her pussy. She motioned us to sit back, and she began to dance and gyrate.

As agreed, she concentrated on the Sensual Goddess, dancing in front of her, rubbing her body against her, offering her breasts to her. Of course, I had a great close-up view too, and it was quite erotic. I also enjoyed watching the Sensual Goddess's reaction - and she was obviously very interested in the proceedings. Watching her tentatively reach out to touch Saucy was highly erotic. Once the ice was broken, her touches became gentle and natural.

The song ended, and she asked us if we wanted another song. We did, and another $20 bill quickly changed hands. This time it was my turn.

The Sensual Goddess's later recollections are that I turned into an octopus - hands everywhere. I'm not sure about that, but Saucy came close to me, rubbed herself on me, and encouraged me to touch - and I was happy to oblige. Her breasts were small, firm, and delightful. She was quite graceful, and knew how to use her lithe body. I found it especially erotic when she brought her face close to mine and traced her lips from my cheek to my ear. I could feel her breath, and it felt intimate and exciting.

Her last move was to turn her back to me and sit on my lap. My hands reached around to squeeze her tits, and she ground her crotch against my fully-erect cock. Then, while she was still grinding, she vibrated her hips back and forth faster than anything I've ever felt. It felt like the speed of a hummingbird's wings. I'm not sure if the movement of her hips was visible, but the look on my face said that something was happening.

The song finished, and we decided against more lap dances for the moment. Saucy gave us a hug and glided away. We stayed for a while longer, then left, our curiosity satisfied.

Reviewing the events afterwards, the Sensual Goddess said it turned her on more to watch me getting a lap dance than to get one herself. She said she wished my clothes had disappeared, and wanted to see me thrust my cock into that tight little pussy. Maybe next time.

We also discussed that fluttering hip movement. We've dubbed it "The Canadian Move," as the Sensual Goddess assures me that all Canadian girls either know it instinctively from birth, or are taught it in high school gym class. I'm not so sure about that, but I do know that we had a good time in the strip club, and have fond memories of Saucy.


  1. i did not know this about canadian girls....

    great story!

  2. The Canadian Move? Now I'm completely interested. I bet it was a joke? Or was it?

  3. Didn't know that either!! I've got to work on that. I'll need more details... ;)

    Seriously, that must have been quite the experience together.

  4. france...maybe we can talk off line about this move? i need to know more!! lol

  5. Oh! I have to get some "Canadian Move" lessons. ;-) Nice that you and SG could have that experience together.

  6. What a great story! I have fond memories of my first time at a strip club with my ex-husband as well.

  7. I think we have that move here. But with koalas I believe.

    Your Sensual Goddess is such a good woman. Very saucy in every way, Max... ;)

  8. Wow! Sounds awesome that you both got a dance. I loved my first strip club experience. :) I'm with the Sensual Goddess...would be a turn on to watch you take And btw, I'm Canadian...not sure I know that hummingbird move! Lol. :)