Friday, March 18, 2011

FFF: Phantom

The e-mail was flattering. She loved to read my blog...looked forward to every new post with fantasies set her on fire. Then I read the last paragraph and gasped. She had a proposition. Would I like to take her? Fuck her in every nasty way I could think of? Use her however I liked, for one evening only?

Her only conditions were that I couldn't see her face, and that she set the time and place - the opera house, the opening night of Carmen, the beginning of Act II, in the basement ladies room.

I heard the orchestra launching into the entr'acte as I opened the door. She was waiting, ready. Her ass felt cool and smooth under my palm as I dropped my tuxedo pants and entered her in one long hard thrust....

The challenge this week was: 85-135 words.
The phrase " and smooth..." must be used.
Go see Panser's Lair to see who else is participating!


  1. Maybe I have an email to send... :)

    That is one hot fantasy & story! I'll have something nice to think about today. ;)

  2. Yes!

    Max this is goooood. I love the setting and the words you used to make it come to life. You know, you really caught some detail too. That is a lovely Art Deco bathroom and would be entirely appropriate for an old opera house.


  3. oh, Yes!!

    fastest scene set ever...and so *effectively* done!

    i *loved this! (everyone is doing such a great job with this picture!)


  4. Awesomely hot! I love the idea of the one-night only at the opera. You couldn't see her face but could she see yours?

  5. @Sweets: I would have liked to write about the mask I was or wasn't wearing, but I'm at exactly 135 words as it is.... I thought about it, and have the picture in my mind. ;-)

  6. Max, you should have passed the word limit. I would have been happy to give you a spanking for that. ;-)

  7. Fuuuuuuck. Okay, that fantasy strikes me as totally arousing. As is your writing!

    xx Dee

  8. Sexy setting and fantasy. I'd not be brave enough to do it in real life, but makes a great daydream.

  9. Very hot fantasy. And a great use of the anonymity that the mask would provide. And HEDONE is right; the picture does look a lot like the backstage bathrooms I've been in. Now I just want to know whether you have to finish up quickly enough for her to get on for her solo ;)

  10. Well, I'm sure your fantasies set most of the women on fire... And this one is not different. Very, very sexy.
    Sweets are right, you definitely should have passed the word limit ; )

  11. wow wee. i seem to have been on the same wave length as you tonight with my latest post

    this was excellent!!!

  12. A little late in reading, but glad I did. Oh, now, I just want to go to the opera...

  13. Excellent story for so few it. And yes...I bet you have many women who love your words(myself included) R said. :)

  14. Fantastic. I could have gone for a much longer word count!!

    ps... what is the mountain on your new header?

  15. Oh how I do love the opera, and Carmen is the perfect choice. Great entry!