Friday, March 4, 2011

FFF: Gargoyle

It was horrible...a hideous gargoyle with ridiculous plastic breasts was straddling me...choking me. I struggled desperately to hang on.

I awoke with a sharp crack of recognition. You looked over with a sympathetic smile, then mopped my sweaty brow. "Only a dream, dear."

I smiled with relief. And then I caught a glimpse of the thin metal chain clenched in your other hand.

The challenge this week was: 40-70 words.
The phrase "...a sharp crack..." must be used.
Go see Panser's Lair to see who else is participating!


  1. Sleeping with the devil, are you? ;)

    That was pretty good!! She does look fake, now that I take a closer look at her. I'm hoping the small metal chain is for the dog she's going to walk in a few minutes.... :)

  2. Ooh, that was good!

    I like the unexpected.


  3. I love the ending, it's like waking up from a dream about vampires only to find to puncture marks in the mirror in the morning. (or would you see yourself at all in the mirror... hmmmm)

    and 'gargoyle' is right.

  4. Hahahahaha. I guess someone didn't care much for the looks of the people in the pic. :) Hopefully next week will be a bit more to your liking.

    Thanks for playing and for rising above your dislike. :)

    -- PB

  5. Glad I wasn't the only one who keyed off of the bulbous breasts. Nice snippet!

  6. LOL!!! Good! Nice twist there! They both remind me of a cheap 50's snuff film cast.

  7. I can only echo others' praise at this point, but echo echo echo. I think this may win for describing the fake woman, if nothing else. A hideous gargoyle with ridiculous plastic breasts indeed ;)

  8. Yes, gargoyle is pretty appropriate! Oh shock! :)