Friday, March 11, 2011

FFF: Enveloped in Warmth

We'd been fooling around frantically for weeks, but she insisted that we draw the line at penetration. In her mind, that would be cheating, and I wasn't going to push her past her limits.

With her husband out of town, she invited me over for some playtime. I loved the wicked feeling of being in his place.

I knew the big walk-in bath would be trouble, and I was right. She straddled me, and we kissed and touched. Before I knew what was happening, she guided me into her hot pussy and sank down to the hilt in one fluid motion. I threw my head back and groaned in ecstasy, my entire being enveloped in warmth.

The challenge this week was: 69-119 words.
The phrase "...enveloped in warmth..." must be used.
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  1. i guess the bath changed her mind for her. ;-)

  2. I think the trouble started way before the walk-in bath! She had some wicked thoughts of her own... I like her! And I like this wicked story as much! :)

  3. Oooh. Thanks for the sexy start to my Friday.

    You wrote, "I loved the wicked feeling of being in his place."

    Pun intended? ;-)


  4. Hahahaha. Inhibitions do tend to go out the window when hot water is involved, don't they? That's the sort of trouble you go looking for, though.

    Thanks for playing and happy FFF!

    -- PB

  5. Ah yes, the bath changes everything, it would do it for me! LOL! Nice story!

  6. This is so close to being autobiographical that it was almost scary to read. I loved it. Any time a story makes me nervous it has to be good.

  7. That was great! As others have mentioned, she had things planned. Love the 'being in his place' bit.

  8. This just highlighted how silly I find the whole "drawing the line at penetration" thing. As if it's not cheating until you actually penetrate. But regardless of that meta-conversation going on in the higher portions of my brain, the lower portions spent all their time going, "Hubba hubba! Woooooo!" Very simple yet very sexy.

  9. "Before I knew what was happening, she guided me into her hot pussy..." It made me laugh. What a wicked girl, huh?! Hot, hot story Max.