Friday, March 11, 2011

Active Imagination

Here's a random sampling of nasty thoughts from a work day-trip to the big city. I just can't seem to keep my active imagination in check.
  • You, Miss Account Executive sitting across the aisle from me on the train. I'm imagining taking you into that big handicap-accessible bathroom, bending you over the sink, and fucking you from behind without mercy. I'm going to reach around and squeeze your tits and pinch your nipples through that expensive silk blouse, and I'm going to shoot such a big load into your pussy that it will be leaking out of you all day. That should give you something to think about during those long meetings.

  • You, Miss Junior Analyst, don't think I haven't noticed the lingering looks you give me during the interminable Powerpoint presentations. I'm imagining laying you down right here on the conference table and spreading you wide. I'll be keeping your panties as a souvenir. I'm imagining the sounds you'll make when I feast on your juicy pussy, and the squeals you'll make when I push my thick cock into you.

  • You, Miss Wall Street, maybe we could share a cab back to the train station. I'll guide your head down to my hard cock, then guide myself into your mouth. I'll hold your head...pushing you down as I slide my cock deeper into your mouth. Your moans and your frantic sucking will tell me you want more, and I'll be happy to give it to you. I'll thrust subtly up with my hips as my hand wraps in your hair and guides you further down, pushing my cock into your throat. I don't care if the cab driver is watching or not. No, actually, I hope he is watching. And when I unload, you'd better gulp down every drop of my cum. We don't want to mess up your expensive suit.

  • You, Miss Fashionista, let's go back to your apartment. I'll pin you against the wall inside the door and fuck you right there, standing up. After your first orgasm, I'll turn you to the wall and fuck you from behind. Without warning, I'll pull out of your dripping pussy and ever-so-slowly push my cock into your tight little back door. I'll spread your cheeks wide and thrust slowly but insistently until I'm balls-deep in your ass. Then I'll start to fuck your ass, first slowly, then picking up speed. When I finally unload in your ass, I'll roar like a bull.
Clearly it's not safe to leave me alone in the big city. There's just too much delicious trouble to be had....


  1. What about Miss Executive Assistant? ;)

    Damn I'd love to be sitting in front of you on the train!!

  2. I like that imagination of yours. ;-)

  3. ......and Miss Librarian (ahem!!) :-)

  4. You're making me regret that I was so late for my meeting yesterday that I had to spend the entire tram ride going through my notes. I obviously don't regret spending the entire ride back chatting with my lover, but I do think I'll let my husband take the car more often from now on. The pleasures to be had on public transportation... ;-)

  5. And what about the Director's personal's assistant? Huh? Did you notice her short skirt and her garters? LOL!

  6. hey! why keep that imagination it in check???

    using a handicap-accessible bathroom??? tisk tisk ... but WOOT!!! bang away.

    i wouldn't mind being either of those ladies :)

    holy shit .... that was hot!!! well done.

  7. I'd love to be Miss Account Executive, but I'm more the Secretary type. ;P

  8. Ohhhh! This is fantastic. Love to know what goes through your mind...or any man's mind for that matter...when it comes to thoughts of lust! Thank-you! :*