Tuesday, January 18, 2011

In the Mirror (Part 4)

(Continued from here.)

I pause here, teasing us both...and also prolonging the delicious sight. Our eyes lock in the mirror as I drink in the sight of you in heels, stockings, and garters - bent over the chair. I'm naked behind you, one hand on your hips, the other hand guiding my hard cock between your pussy lips...sliding it up and down, getting myself lubed and in position.

Your moan turns into an impatient growl, and I feel you trying to push back into me. But I hold you in place...teasing you for one more moment as I flash you an evil grin in the mirror. I can feel the moist heat of your pussy, and I can't wait any longer. I grab your hips firmly with both hands and thrust.

Your impatient growl turns into a long low moan of ecstasy as I slide into you. I smile at how ready you are for me - your pussy is searing hot, and so wet that I slide all the way in with no resistance. I don't stop thrusting until I'm balls deep inside you...feeling you squeeze the very base of my thichness. I stay there for a moment...grinding into you...feeling you pushing back at me.

Still holding your hips firmly, I withdraw slowly....watching in the mirror as my cock reappears, slick and shiny with your hot juice. I hold myself there...poised at your entrance again...just my head inside you...then I thrust home again...smiling as you squeal with delight.

I start fucking you slowly and insistently. You're babbling incoherently, and I can hardly believe how wet you are. My balls and thighs are soaked, and every thrust produces a delicious squishing sound. You're bending even more forward, giving me a better angle to pound your hot little pussy.

And I am pounding you...fucking you for all I'm worth. One of my hands is still holding your hip, and now my other hand wraps firmly in your hair at the nape of you neck. You feel me grasp you hard and you give me a moan that's half defiance and half submission. I laugh wickedly...we'll just see about that....

I press you down further into the chair and switch gears, thrusting harder and faster in and out of your molten pussy. The hand that was holding your hip now slides around to squeeze your tits...pinch and pull your nipples. I then slide down you belly to your pussy...feeling my cock thrusting in and out of you. I home in on your clit, rubbing it in slow circles. Your moans go up an octave, and I want nothing more than to make you cum.

Fixated on the mirror, my eyes drink us in. I feel like a carnal machine...thrusting...fucking you without mercy. Your body is writhing sensually...wide open....receiving me. I can tell by your moans that a huge orgasm is imminent. Using your hair as a handle, I raise your torso up so I can see your face. I want to watch you cum.

I have no mercy...savagely pounding your pussy as I finger your swollen clit. And you don't disappoint - your climax is wild and unrestrained...your face screwed up in uncontrolled pleasure...your body bucking wildly...your pussy squeezing me...gushing sweet juice all over us...your screams echoing around the room.

As you start to come down, I slow the pace down. Our eyes lock in the mirror and we share a wicked smile.

"You're so goddamned bad. Now I want to watch you cum."

I grunt in agreement and start fucking you hard again. Always the visual beast, I look down at my cock splitting your pussy lips...watching your sopping pussy swallow me whole again and again. Then I look in the mirror at the same sight...your pussy spread wide around my thick cock. I groan with pleasure...both hands on your hips now...fucking you as hard as I can.

I feel the start of my orgasm at the base of my balls, and there's no stopping it. My hands grab you hard and my hips give their final savage thrusts...I'm cumming...cumming...shooting ropes of hot cum deep into you...roaring like bull...completely losing control....

I finally start to regain my wits...still buried deep within you...and I see you watching us in the mirror. Our eyes lock, and now you're the one smiling wickedly....

The End


  1. The defiant submissive in me had a laugh at "we'll just see about that". ;)

    Max, you evil beast, that was wonderful and hot!

  2. I really loved this series, so very visual and hot!

  3. Oh yes. Oh yum. I love your sexy brand of voyeurism...

  4. This is one of the sexiest series! I loved it. Watching in a mirror would be incredible. Makes me wish for a mirror-covered wall indeed.