Thursday, January 13, 2011

In the Mirror (Part 2)

(Continued from here.)

You sink back into me, letting me devour your throat as I hold you from behind, my hands wandering.... My eyes are glued to the mirror, drinking in the erotic sights. Your eyes are also locked on the mirror...sometimes locked on my gaze...sometimes watching my hands knead your soft breasts.

One of my hands wanders lower...down to your belly...then slowly lower.... I tease fingers delaying, not reaching the destination we both want. You arch your back up, trying to feel my fingers lower...but I smile and whisper, "Not yet, baby."

I brush the hair from the other side of you neck and switch sides. My fingers finally slide down and cup your pussy through the thong. I can feel your heat through the think silky fabric and I slowly massage you...your hips moving sensually, pushing into my fingers. I continue teasing you...keeping my fingers on the outsided of your thong, keeping my touch light...until I can't resist, and dip my fingers inside your thong.

My eyes watch in the mirror as my fingers slide inside the thong...through your short trimmed bush and into liquid fire. You groan out loud as my fingers push into your sex...exploring...your head still thrown back as my lips devour the side of your throat.

I yank your thong down, and it falls to the floor at your feet. Now I can see my fingers massaging your pussy. I spread your pussy lips, and I see the glistening pink in the mirror. I gather wetness on my middle finger and bring it to your mouth. You open and accept my finger, sucking hard...moaning with pleasure as you taste your own juices...sucking my finger clean.

I spin you around to face me and kiss you hard. My tongue pushes into your mouth...tasting pussy on your tongue. Admiring your ass in the mirror, I can't help giving your ass cheeks a swat with my open hand.

But it's time for more mirror games. I break the kiss and guide you to your knees. I turn sideways so I can see the both of us in the mirror.

You know what I want, and you quickly unbuckle my belt and lower my dress pants to the floor. My boxer briefs are stretched to the limit, and you stoke me briefly through the thin fabric before stretching the waistband over my erection, sliding them down, and letting me step out of them.

You take my cock in your hand, gently stroking as you examine me up close. I'm fully erect and throbbing...pre-cum leaking from the head. You give a half-smile of pleasure mixed with lust and lean forward to give one long lick up the length of my shaft to the head. You look up at me, as if asking permission to continue. I smile down at you and nod.

I turn my head to the mirror and watch as you open your mouth and start to suck me in. My hand wraps in your hair and my toes curl in ecstasy as inch after inch of my hard shaft disappears into your hot mouth.

(Continued here.)


  1. Oh yes... I have no doubt she knows exactly what you want and need. Yum... ;)

  2. Whew!! Hot!!

    Can't wait for more!!

  3. I agree with Frenchy... I *love* the voyeuristic feel of this piece, Max.

    Very nice... and delightful to watch. ;-)

  4. Delightful to read! I could picture her "half-smile of pleasure mixed with lust" so perfectly... I can't wait for the continuation : )