Wednesday, January 12, 2011

In the Mirror (Part 1)

We fumble into the dark hotel room, half out of our minds with lust. I've been dreaming of getting you here alone ever since seeing you in that slinky black cocktail dress. And now here we are.

I flick the entranceway light on and step into the room. Your arms wrap around my neck as the door clicks shut, and our lips mash together in a smoking hot kiss...bodies pressing tightly together as we start to devour each other.

Opening my eyes, I realize there's a wall mirror behind you, and that I can watch us in the mirror. My mind lurches in delight with the delicious possibilities....

My hands wander lower on your the curve of your hips...and then down to squeeze your ass. You respond by groaning into my mouth and kissing me with even more passion. I slowly start to raise your dress, and my heart skips a beat when I see the tops of your thigh-high stockings. Holy smokes, you're wearing stockings and garters. I can hardly believe how sexy you look.

I'm so mesmerized with the vision in the mirror that I hardly notice you've unknotted my tie and are unbuttoning the buttons on my dress shirt. I've raised your dress higher and can see the delightful vision of your black stockings and garters framing the white skin of your upper thighs and ass cheeks.

I lift the dress over your head and without warning spin you around to face away from me. I toss the dress on the bed and wrap my arms around you from behind. I brush your hair aside and move my lips to the soft sensitive flesh of your neck. You arch back into me, moan out loud, and throw your head your neck and throat to me.

The view in the mirror is incredible. You're still in your high heels, wearing the black stocking and garters, a tiny black thong, a thin lacy black half-bra, and a string of pearls.

I'm in absolutely no rush. I love devouring your neck, throat, and earlobe while holding you from behind, and the vision in the mirror might be the most erotic thing I've ever seen.

One of my hands moves to your breasts, and you groan as I squeeze and knead them through your thin bra. I find the clasp at the front of your bra, unsnap it, and slide the straps off your shoulders...letting it fall to the floor. I squeeze your bare breasts and my fingers find your nipples. They're hard as bullets and I feel you squirm as I pull and pinch lips never leaving your throat.

Adjusting your head, you open your eyes and realize with a start that I'm watching us in the mirror. You groan with arousal at the erotic vision and whisper, "You're so damn bad."

I can only grin in agreement, and you hear my evil chuckle in your ear. "That's right baby. I'm a bad man, and I'm going to to take you right here in front of this mirror where we can both watch."

(Continued here.)


  1. It's always so much hotter when a mirror is involved!

  2. It is so damn sexy to watch. I can't wait for the next part...

  3. I also discovered the excitement of mirrors.

    Don't wait too long for the next part, because well... you know... I'm liking what I read!!!

  4. You already know how very much I adore mirrors...

    Your bad man sounds so delicious good.

    Along with the chorus, more please, sir...