Friday, January 7, 2011

Good Head

I saw a blog post somewhere recently (I forget exactly where) on what constitutes good (or even great) head. Having some strong opinions myself on the matter, I thought I would weigh in on this. Here are the factors I consider relevant, in order from less to more important.
  • Technique. Yes, of course there's such a thing as good and bad technique. I guess I take a certain level of proficiency for granted - I'm not a high school or college kid who's so damn grateful that a woman is willing to put my cock in her mouth that it's okay that neither of us has any idea what we're doing. But I'm also not such a connoisseur that a woman gains or loses points for infinitely subtle points of technique.

  • Variety. I guess this is related to technique. Mix it up - sometimes fast in-and-out, sometimes slow, sometimes suck deep, sometimes shallow, sometimes lick around the head, lick up and down the shaft, etc., etc. Any one thing, no matter how wonderful gets tiresome if there isn't some variety. Also included in this is variety of control. Sometimes I want you to be in charge, doing what you want to do, and at your own pace. Other times I want to guide you...hold your head and guide it up and down on my cock...or wrap my fingers in your hair and thrust into your sucking mouth.

  • The ability to take me deep. The deeper you can take me, the better. I'm not a monster or a freak, but I've been told numerous times that I'm both longer and thicker than average, and all I can say is that deep feels amazing. If you can open your throat and take me just a little deeper, my toes will curl and I'll groan in ecatasy. I've never experienced a full deep-throat, but just watching a clip of that aways makes me rock-hard.

  • If I can see. I'm a visual beast. Of course it feels wonderful even if I can't see, but if I can watch you lick and suck my my thick hardness sliding in and out of your you swirl your tongue around my throbbing head.... Just wow. That's incredibly erotic, and will always send me to another level of arousal. Of course variety is important here too. Sometimes I'll close my eyes and just concentrate on the sensations of what you're doing, but other times my gaze will bore a hole in you.

  • Look up at me. Related to "If I can see." It's a huge turn-on to see you look up at me and tell me with your eyes that you enjoy this...that you love giving me pleasure...that there's nowhere you'd rather be than on your knees sucking my cock. Which brings us to....

  • Connection. This and the next are tied for #1, and by a large margin. They can supercede deficiences in any other area. The feeling of connection - that we're doing something together, because we want to be with each other at this moment. It's hard to define in words, but there's no mistaking the feeling.

  • Enthusiasm. It's a huge turn-on to know you're really into it, and not just doing out of some sense of obligation, or that it's "your turn." Hearing you moan with pleasure while sucking me is *very* arousing. But it also can't be faked...if you don't feel the excitement, don't pretend you do. But if you *do* get off on sucking my cock...get aroused by feeling me swell in your throat...want your reward of my hot cum.... Well then, we'll get along just fine.
The Sensual Goddess showed me the video below this morning, which strikes me as just about perfect.

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  1. I can read lips and I know French... and kitty in the background is licking himself clean. Sorry, I noticed the wrong details, haven't I? ;)

    However, this is a great post, good pointers. Now if I could have someone to practice on... ;)

  2. Very nice video, I also noticed the cat in the background, and I agree with all your points. Sounds like I'm not too bad at it...:)

  3. The "connection" is oh, so important and you're correct, it is difficult to explain but you certainly know when it is missing... "Here's to connecting!" Happy New Year - xo E.

  4. I'd have to agree...both with your points and the fact that the BJ in the clip is just about perfect. The "enthusiasm" point is especially important. Sucking my cock makes my wife *very* wet, and knowing that turns me on all the more. The best was an old GF who would cum when I came in her mouth....*that* was amazing!

  5. Came by from Scandal's page. I personally LOVE giving head. Probably more then I like receiving oral sex, regardless of the giver's talent in that arena. I like to tease and take deep and I can turn my tongue upside down which means I can literally be taking you deep and flip my tongue to lick across the head at the same time. I love the feel of when the man is taking control without taking control. The hands in the hair as if hanging on.. and on that note I need to stop typing since no one is home that I can work with on ANY of this frustration lol.

  6. a couple of things:
    first, great post. i love learning :)

    1) i think i must be great at giving head then. just sayin'

    2) the only other person besides my hubs that i have given head to did not want me to touch his cock with my hands at all. i found that so erotic. i actually ended up enjoying that much more because i made a game of it. i liked using my tongue and mouth only in the dark or while my eyes are closed to find it. using my tongue to maneuver it back into my mouth. but perhaps he didn't want me to use my hands as it obstructed his view of everything
    3)i find it hugely interesting, and a bit of a turn-on quite frankly, that no where have you mentioned that being able to come in her mouth is important. was that intentional or did you forget about it? LOL