Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's Everywhere....

It had been over a week since we'd made love, and I was seriously pent balls full-to-bursting. We snuggled into bed...kissing, stroking, undressing.

You leaned down with a sly "I wonder if I've forgotten how to do this," taking me in your mouth, and proving that you hadn't forgotten. My toes curled in ecstasy as you bobbed up and down, my cock rock-hard and throbbing.

I pulled out of your mouth, laid you down and spread your legs. Sliding my tongue between your pussy lips, I smiled to myself at how wet you always get from sucking my cock. I licked you up and down...flicking your clit with my tongue, and tasting your sweet nectar.

Moving up, I slid my cock head between your pussy lips...getting lubed and in position...then thrusting home in one long stroke. damn good....

We varied the pace - periods of slow love-making, followed by bursts of hard fucking. You asked me to give it you from behind, and I'm always happy to oblige that request.

I love giving it to you doggy-style. I knew I couldn't last much longer, and you asked me to unload in your mouth. But before I could agree, you reconsidered, remembering the size of my load from the last time I went a week without climaxing.

The time for discussion had passed. You were starting a series of climaxes...screaming and bucking back into me. And I could feel the tingle in my balls that's the unmistakable sign of an impending climax. It was starting and couldn't be stopped. I gave two savage final thrusts, then pulled out to shoot onto the small of your back.

I could feel the difference that not cumming for a week makes. Rather than a number of discrete spurts, I came in one long gushing long powerful jet of hot white cum that felt like it might never end. Intense and electric, I felt like a volcano a force of nature.

Our climaxes finally subsiding, we snuggled, rolled over and started the cleanup.

"Oh my God, where did you cum?!?"

"The small of your back." Laughing, "And maybe other places too."

"Oh my God, it's *everywhere*!" And so it was....

"All up my back. All over the bed. Is it in my hair?!?"

"You're so damn bad. I should know by now that I can never let you go for a week...."


  1. I love this! The ending made me giggle.

  2. Love that release after a long build up.

  3. "So damn good" is right. Mmmmm!

  4. Sounds wonderful! Never experienced it myself :(

  5. The body is the perfect canvas for this kind of yummy, molten paint. Mmmm...