Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Healing Touch

I read an article this morning titled "Do Real Men Like to Cuddle?" It's interesting, if a bit rambling, and discusses the "cuddle gene," cuddle parties, and the importance of the sense of touch in general. The answer, for this "real man," is absolutely yes.

I consider touch *vital*. I think I'm one of those who would literally wither away and die if deprived of touch. I'm talking for the moment of non-sexual touch (not that sexual touch isn't wonderful too - of course it is, but that's a different subject.)

This is regardless of gender or age - if we're close, I need your touch, and I need to touch you. Of course, only where it's welcome and natural - not unsolicited pawing. Just simple person-to-person contact.

I've thought of taking a massage class, and intend to one day. The Sensual Goddess says there is magic and healing in my hands, and I really think I could develop a healing touch.

Apparently not everyone feels they need touch. I'll take their word for it, but to my ears it sounds like someone saying they don't need food, water, or air.


  1. Aren't good sensual massage and cuddles just wonderful? Am also good at giving them.

  2. A life without touch isn't a life worth living. But in the moments we might have to go without, it's damn good to know we aren't alone in our need and craving...

  3. Nothing is more powerful than touch.