Monday, November 15, 2010

Third Orgasm

It was our first night at The Club, and it had been a voyeuristic feast. We watched all sorts of people having all sorts of sex, and we we both spent the evening in a state of uncontained arousal.

We spent some time at the edge of the big common room watching bodies couple and writhe. We were undecided on actually playing, but I finally convinced you to come onto the mattresses, in a secluded corner, and I took you hard and fast. We both exploded in no time, and you spent the rest of the night feeling my cum dripping out of you....

An hour or two later, watching a group fucking in a semi-private room, you dropped to your knees and sucked me off, gulping down my load. Then we had a couple drinks, checked out the dance floor, and continued to watch the goings-on.

Toward the end of the night, we were back at the semi-private rooms. Two couples were starting to get initmate, and a third couple walked in. The guy was unmemorable, but the girl made me do a double-take. She was about our age, maybe a little younger, blonde, busty, and attractive in a "regular person" way. I pulled you into the room.

The blonde sank to her knees, right next to us, and took her guy's pants down. We both watched as she shed her top and bra, showing off a fantastic pair of big soft tits. She took his cock in her mouth and started sucking. You touched my crotch and looked at me in devilish surprise to find me swelling. I nodded with an evil grin and guided you to your knees. You took my pants down and fell to your knees, watching the couple next to us.

The blonde was very aware of us and looked over. My cock was swelling and ready, and you took me in your mouth as she watched. She sucked her guy with renewed vigor, and she knew I was watching. I groaned out loud and thrust my cock into your mouth. You moaned with pleasure and sucked hard.

I was mesmerized by the busty blonde on her knees next to us, watching her suck with enthusiasm. She felt my gaze, looked up, and our eyes locked. My knees just about buckled with the intensity of the look. We were sharing an intimate moment in a way I never could have imagined.

We held the gaze, and we both tried to put on a show for the other. She made sure I could see how well she was blowing her guy, made sure I could see her tits jiggle as she bobbed her head. For my part, I made sure she could see my cock sliding deep into your mouth, and I admit I felt some pride that I was noticably longer and thicker than my counterpart.

I felt like I was in an altered state. Already having cum twice, I was throbbing and electric again, a carnal beast...energized by all the erotic stimulus. I felt the welling up of impending orgasm in my balls, and I held your head in place, thrust hard, and let go...never breaking eye contact with my blonde friend. I shot my second load of the night down your throat as I roared like a bull. My third orgasm.

The perfect erotic story would have had the two ladies switching places, but that didn't happen. And as we finished, we heard the announcement that the party was ending. We gathered our things and stumbled out into the night air. The night had been maybe the most erotic ever.


  1. That was HOT. Your words put me there. Perhaps watching both sets of you; paying particular attention to the obvious connection between you and your "blonde friend."

  2. This is intense, evocative and very sexy. I'm unsure this isn't "the perfect erotic story"...

  3. Oh my, you are a beast aren't you! Grrrr!

  4. Mmmm.... so happy for a chance to read this post again! It's fun being on the chain gang with you!

  5. WOW>..... that is fantastic. Well done my Man!