Thursday, November 4, 2010

Regular People

Two of my favorite bloggers (here and here), posted HNT's last Thursday with similar comments about being "regular people." Personally, I would rather see a sexy pic of a regular person than a professional (porn star, swimsuit model, etc.) Not that there's anything wrong with a nice pic of a swimsuit model - that's sexy in its own way, of course. But the regular person can be much more erotic.

First of all, I can relate more to regular people. While I think I'm in reasonable shape (even good shape) for a 40's desk-bound professional, I'm not an Olympic gymnast or male underwear model.

Also, there's an element of voyeurism that appeals to me. The porn star/swimsuit model makes a living out of having their body ogled. With a sexy HNT pic, I feel like I'm seeing something that's usually hidden...something not shown to everyone.

Two of my favorite web sites are Voyeurweb and Flash Your Rack, because they show (for the most part) real people, not professionals. Voyeurweb's daily highlight is something I usually check out, and rating racks on FYR is an always-fun time waster. Again, real women get bonus points from me, and obvious professionals or hideous out-of-proportion implants get a "1".

All this isn't to say that being in shape has *no* importance. Of course the classic female curves are sexy. But it's not necessary to be a professional body to be sexy. Three cheers for regular people.


  1. Thanks for the suggestions there! I also love curves, male or female. ;)

  2. I totally agree with you there, Max. And thanks for the links!
    Great post, as always.

  3. Thank-you Max! I just saw this... :) I do enjoy real people too. Nice to know we don't all have to be "perfect" to be...well, perfect--in our own way. :)