Monday, November 22, 2010

Girls Kissing

Seeing Dark Trails' recent post reminds me that watching girls kiss is one of my very favorite things. The video he links to is much like the one I somehow found on YouTube a while ago. I could hardly believe my good fortune, and spent an entire rainy Sunday afternoon watching vid after vid of girls kissing.

Now to my mind, deep open-mouth tongue kissing is one of life's greatest pleasures - sensual, intimate, intense. Some of my favorite memories are of teenage make-out sessions, where kissing for its own sake was all that one expected or hoped for - it wasn't a step on the way to something else. A more innocent time, to be sure, but the memories are still charged.

The Sensual Goddess asks me, "But why *girls* kissing? What's wrong with a guy and a girl kissing?" Well, there's nothing *wrong* with a guy and a girl kissing. That can be nice to watch too. But there's just something I can't explain about two girls kissing. It drives me wild, and I can't really tell you why. Maybe it's the soft sensuality...or maybe the forbiddenness (although it's becoming less and less forbidden, to the point of being mainstream.) But whatever the reason, I would *much* rather watch girls passionately kissing than a hard-core vid of an emotionally detached girl with her ankles behind her ears getting pounded.

I could literally watch this (and be on the verge of explosion) all day. In all seriousness.

Here's one more. Damn....


  1. I almost used this video, but for some reason the other just did more for me.

    I also spent quite a bit of time exploring what YouTube had to offer in girls kissing.

  2. Poor actresses (when they speak, LOL!) but... I find it hot to see 2 women kissing!!!

  3. I've only kissed a few girls, but it was oh, so nice. So soft, so sensual. Plus, having their boyfriends watch only added to the excitement.

  4. I am strictly dickly BUT that was hot.

  5. I'm with Drench on both counts. I see why you could watch this all day long. Maybe I should go back one more time... ;)

  6. Oh yes, that is quite a nice clip. I agree with you, there are fewer things hotter than two women kissing.