Thursday, November 18, 2010

FFF: Ad Campaign

A friend in H.R. passed me the word that I was going to be fired – but not until I completed my current assignment on the Philip Morris account. Bastards. They loved my advertising campaigns, but resented my high salary. Well, we'll just see about this last magazine ad.

The set and the models were ready – and my cock lurched at the scene I had set up. Two gorgeous brunettes – Marie, an old favorite of mine, standing, and Anne, a new model, on her knees, tongue buried in Marie's pussy.

The stairs creaked at the far end of the hall, and I yelled at my idiot assistant to stay out of the shot. Interestingly, Anne never stopped eating Marie's pussy during the interruption.

Marie lit the cigarette, and I got the shots I wanted. I grinned to myself, imagining the looks on the marketing committee's faces when they saw the new ad, captioned, "Great Tasting Smokes for Great Tasting Smokers." Fuckers.

The shoot complete, I dismissed the crew, and motioned to the girls to follow me to my trailer.

The challenge this week was: 150-180 words.
The phrase "...the stairs creaked..." must be used.
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  1. OMG that was brilliant! Wonderful FFF!

  2. But see, you haven't really hurt the PM people. Their sales are going to skyrocket when these ads come out (or at least some things are to skyrocket). ;) Love the slogan, and a very creative take!

  3. Hahahaha love it!!!

  4. Oh, man, I gotta say I love that slogan. I tend to agree with Dioneo, though, that's not going to hurt this PR company any. :)

    Thanks for joining in!

    -- PB

  5. Very nice, nice word play, although as Dioneo said, it probably will not hurt the cigarette company given todays advertising style

  6. hahah loved it! if I didn't already smoke I think I'd take up the hobby with an ad like that :P very well done!

    Happy FFF!

  7. You might even be able to get the picture past the censors; it's less graphic than suggestive. And what a great way to earn some severance pay ;)

  8. LOL! I think that was an excellent payback. They know they can't use it. That's not the ad they paid him to make. I like that he was also able to have some fun after the photo shoot. Yup, he got his just desserts. ;-)

  9. I do love a smart, cheeky man out for a piece of revenge. Talk about leaving with a bang... (Although, that was probably confined to the trailer, right?!)

    Fabulous piece...

  10. I love it!! It made me laugh out loud for real and I can imagine the meeting where those shots are put up on the screen. An excellent take on the story.

  11. ROFLOL.... why oh why am I seeing the character Mel Gibson played at the beginning of the movie "What Women Want" eh? :) Loved your story.