Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Club: Introduction

The Sensual Goddess has asked me a few times why I haven't written anything about our experiences at The Club. It's not something I've purposely avoided, but I also wasn't sure how to structure blog posts about it.

I've decided to just post random snippets of our experiences there, and tag them "The Club." For those who follow my tagging habits, "The Club" is a subset of "Reminiscing" - completely true, to the best of my recollection.

As background, The Club is a gone-but-not-forgotten on-site sex club in a city not too far from us. We attended parties there a number of times a few years ago, and it was a voyeur's paradise (and thus nirvana for two committed voyeurs like us!) We saw sights that still dance erotically in my head. Sadly, it's no longer in existence.

We participated with each other, but didn't play with anyone else or partake of the group activities. This wasn't a problem, as no one was expected or pressured to do anything they didn't want to do. We had never done anything like this, and talked about participating, but never came to complete clarity on what we wanted - so it seemed safer to just watch the others and play together. And it worked out fine.

A few general notes on The Club before writing about specific adventures:
  • On-site means that people had sex right there (as opposed to off-site, where you meet people at their party/facility, but have to go elsewhere to actually do anything.)

  • Admittance was limited to couples and single ladies (a.k.a., unicorns, of which there were very very few.) No single guys. Plus, you had to apply for membership and sign up in advance for parties. No walking up to the door.

  • The facility was a big three-story house, completely unmarked on the outside. There was a bar (BYOB) and tables for eating on the first floor. The second floor had a huge open room covered with mattresses (and stacks of clean sheets) as a common area, and a number of semi-private "bedrooms". The common area was open above to viewers on the third floor, and the semi-private rooms had mirrors on the celiing so people out in the hall could look in. The third floor had a dance floor, a bar, and sofas along the walls. So there were plenty of places to play, and plenty of places to watch.

  • Our biggest source of nervousness on our first visit was "will everyone there be young and buff and make us feel out of place?" It turned out not to a concern at all. There were people of all ages, sizes, and shapes. Most were reasonably attractive and took care of themselves (as we are and do!) - but very much regular people.

  • There was a strict "no means no" policy, and I never saw any problems (not that we were regulars.)
Specific stories will follow from time to time.


  1. I can't wait to read more. I've always wanted to do something similar however, my partners in the past have all been too hesistant and I didn't want to press them.

  2. I've been curious about visiting a club like that for a few years now. One day!! Looking forward to hearing those stories.

  3. Wow! That sounds like an awesome place...eating, dancing, three favorite things. :)

    Looking forward to reading about your adventures!