Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pure Evil

You were on your hands and knees on the bed, and I was on my knees behind you, pounding you hard. You were moaning deliriously, and the feel of your tight juicy pussy, combined with the erotic sounds we were making, were taking me closer and closer to the edge. My hands were gripping your hips and I was thrusting harder...more urgently...frantically.

I felt my balls tighten and the tingle of orgasm start from deep within. I gripped your hips even harder and thrust one last time as my cum started to spray into you. The feel of my hot load inside you usually triggers another of your climaxes, and this time was no different - your moans turned into shrieks, and I saw your right hand move to your clit...your fingers a blur, intensifying your release.

My climax finished, and my wits slowly returned, but I was still buried balls deep inside you. I hadn't released my grip on your hips, and I hadn't stopped grinding into you. Now my cock doesn't immediately deflate after cumming - I stay fully hard for a while, and only go down slowly after that. So I stayed buried deep, grinding...and realized that you were still cumming....

You were out of control...body spasming...pussy gushing...moaning non-stop...time continuing to pass, moments uncounted. I was both amazed at the duration and power of your climax - and also pleased that I could give you that kind of pleasure. Not to mention at the point of disbelief that your orgasm could last so long.

I finally started to release the pressure of my grind into you, and you started to come down. It was an amazing, intense moment. I finally slipped out of you, and you collapsed on the bed. Gasping for breath, you turned to me and said, "You're pure evil."

Now I always thought of "pure evil" as maybe this guy...or maybe him. But me? Really?

How could I possibly respond to a compliment like that, except to laugh and say, "You're welcome."

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Just a quick note to wish everyone a peaceful and joyous Thanksgiving. I realize that today is *American* Thanksgiving, as opposed to the it-makes-much-more-sense-to-have-it-in-October *Canadian* Thanksgiving (which the Sensual Goddess is kind enough to remind me annually.) But regardless of when you officially celebrate it, any day seems appropriate to be reminded to give thanks and be grateful.

I have many blessings in my life, and many reasons to be grateful. Which doesn't mean that things are always easy (they're assuredly not,) but it does mean that the universe has always provided me with what I need to grow. I will say a prayer of thanks and drink a silent toast to that today.

One specific thing I'll be thankful for today is this blog. I had *no* idea when I started this where it would go, if I really had anything to say, if anyone but me would want to read it, if anyone (somehow having found their way here) would enjoy what they read, etc., etc.

7+ months later, I'm *thrilled* at how it's developed. I enjoy the writing and feel like I do have something to say. And more than just saying "enjoy", I really feel like I *need* this outlet to express fantasies and thoughts on sensuality/sexuality. I'm thrilled that people have found their way here, and I couldn't be more grateful for those of you who have reached out and let me know what you think, and shared some of yourselves. You're *good* people, and I consider you a blessing.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Girls Kissing

Seeing Dark Trails' recent post reminds me that watching girls kiss is one of my very favorite things. The video he links to is much like the one I somehow found on YouTube a while ago. I could hardly believe my good fortune, and spent an entire rainy Sunday afternoon watching vid after vid of girls kissing.

Now to my mind, deep open-mouth tongue kissing is one of life's greatest pleasures - sensual, intimate, intense. Some of my favorite memories are of teenage make-out sessions, where kissing for its own sake was all that one expected or hoped for - it wasn't a step on the way to something else. A more innocent time, to be sure, but the memories are still charged.

The Sensual Goddess asks me, "But why *girls* kissing? What's wrong with a guy and a girl kissing?" Well, there's nothing *wrong* with a guy and a girl kissing. That can be nice to watch too. But there's just something I can't explain about two girls kissing. It drives me wild, and I can't really tell you why. Maybe it's the soft sensuality...or maybe the forbiddenness (although it's becoming less and less forbidden, to the point of being mainstream.) But whatever the reason, I would *much* rather watch girls passionately kissing than a hard-core vid of an emotionally detached girl with her ankles behind her ears getting pounded.

I could literally watch this (and be on the verge of explosion) all day. In all seriousness.

Here's one more. Damn....

Thursday, November 18, 2010

FFF: Ad Campaign

A friend in H.R. passed me the word that I was going to be fired – but not until I completed my current assignment on the Philip Morris account. Bastards. They loved my advertising campaigns, but resented my high salary. Well, we'll just see about this last magazine ad.

The set and the models were ready – and my cock lurched at the scene I had set up. Two gorgeous brunettes – Marie, an old favorite of mine, standing, and Anne, a new model, on her knees, tongue buried in Marie's pussy.

The stairs creaked at the far end of the hall, and I yelled at my idiot assistant to stay out of the shot. Interestingly, Anne never stopped eating Marie's pussy during the interruption.

Marie lit the cigarette, and I got the shots I wanted. I grinned to myself, imagining the looks on the marketing committee's faces when they saw the new ad, captioned, "Great Tasting Smokes for Great Tasting Smokers." Fuckers.

The shoot complete, I dismissed the crew, and motioned to the girls to follow me to my trailer.

The challenge this week was: 150-180 words.
The phrase "...the stairs creaked..." must be used.
Go see Panser's Lair to see who else is participating!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Third Orgasm

It was our first night at The Club, and it had been a voyeuristic feast. We watched all sorts of people having all sorts of sex, and we we both spent the evening in a state of uncontained arousal.

We spent some time at the edge of the big common room watching bodies couple and writhe. We were undecided on actually playing, but I finally convinced you to come onto the mattresses, in a secluded corner, and I took you hard and fast. We both exploded in no time, and you spent the rest of the night feeling my cum dripping out of you....

An hour or two later, watching a group fucking in a semi-private room, you dropped to your knees and sucked me off, gulping down my load. Then we had a couple drinks, checked out the dance floor, and continued to watch the goings-on.

Toward the end of the night, we were back at the semi-private rooms. Two couples were starting to get initmate, and a third couple walked in. The guy was unmemorable, but the girl made me do a double-take. She was about our age, maybe a little younger, blonde, busty, and attractive in a "regular person" way. I pulled you into the room.

The blonde sank to her knees, right next to us, and took her guy's pants down. We both watched as she shed her top and bra, showing off a fantastic pair of big soft tits. She took his cock in her mouth and started sucking. You touched my crotch and looked at me in devilish surprise to find me swelling. I nodded with an evil grin and guided you to your knees. You took my pants down and fell to your knees, watching the couple next to us.

The blonde was very aware of us and looked over. My cock was swelling and ready, and you took me in your mouth as she watched. She sucked her guy with renewed vigor, and she knew I was watching. I groaned out loud and thrust my cock into your mouth. You moaned with pleasure and sucked hard.

I was mesmerized by the busty blonde on her knees next to us, watching her suck with enthusiasm. She felt my gaze, looked up, and our eyes locked. My knees just about buckled with the intensity of the look. We were sharing an intimate moment in a way I never could have imagined.

We held the gaze, and we both tried to put on a show for the other. She made sure I could see how well she was blowing her guy, made sure I could see her tits jiggle as she bobbed her head. For my part, I made sure she could see my cock sliding deep into your mouth, and I admit I felt some pride that I was noticably longer and thicker than my counterpart.

I felt like I was in an altered state. Already having cum twice, I was throbbing and electric again, a carnal beast...energized by all the erotic stimulus. I felt the welling up of impending orgasm in my balls, and I held your head in place, thrust hard, and let go...never breaking eye contact with my blonde friend. I shot my second load of the night down your throat as I roared like a bull. My third orgasm.

The perfect erotic story would have had the two ladies switching places, but that didn't happen. And as we finished, we heard the announcement that the party was ending. We gathered our things and stumbled out into the night air. The night had been maybe the most erotic ever.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Club: Introduction

The Sensual Goddess has asked me a few times why I haven't written anything about our experiences at The Club. It's not something I've purposely avoided, but I also wasn't sure how to structure blog posts about it.

I've decided to just post random snippets of our experiences there, and tag them "The Club." For those who follow my tagging habits, "The Club" is a subset of "Reminiscing" - completely true, to the best of my recollection.

As background, The Club is a gone-but-not-forgotten on-site sex club in a city not too far from us. We attended parties there a number of times a few years ago, and it was a voyeur's paradise (and thus nirvana for two committed voyeurs like us!) We saw sights that still dance erotically in my head. Sadly, it's no longer in existence.

We participated with each other, but didn't play with anyone else or partake of the group activities. This wasn't a problem, as no one was expected or pressured to do anything they didn't want to do. We had never done anything like this, and talked about participating, but never came to complete clarity on what we wanted - so it seemed safer to just watch the others and play together. And it worked out fine.

A few general notes on The Club before writing about specific adventures:
  • On-site means that people had sex right there (as opposed to off-site, where you meet people at their party/facility, but have to go elsewhere to actually do anything.)

  • Admittance was limited to couples and single ladies (a.k.a., unicorns, of which there were very very few.) No single guys. Plus, you had to apply for membership and sign up in advance for parties. No walking up to the door.

  • The facility was a big three-story house, completely unmarked on the outside. There was a bar (BYOB) and tables for eating on the first floor. The second floor had a huge open room covered with mattresses (and stacks of clean sheets) as a common area, and a number of semi-private "bedrooms". The common area was open above to viewers on the third floor, and the semi-private rooms had mirrors on the celiing so people out in the hall could look in. The third floor had a dance floor, a bar, and sofas along the walls. So there were plenty of places to play, and plenty of places to watch.

  • Our biggest source of nervousness on our first visit was "will everyone there be young and buff and make us feel out of place?" It turned out not to a concern at all. There were people of all ages, sizes, and shapes. Most were reasonably attractive and took care of themselves (as we are and do!) - but very much regular people.

  • There was a strict "no means no" policy, and I never saw any problems (not that we were regulars.)
Specific stories will follow from time to time.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Property: Objections

(Continuation of thoughts from here.)

I can hear the objections now:

1. You just want to be able to run around guilt-free. No, I'm not saying that I want something I would deny to anyone else - I think that everyone should be able to have the experiences they feel they need, without guilt.

2. It would be chaos. Maybe, but it would be honest chaos, and I think what we have now is dis-honest chaos. There are a lot of unhappy and frustrated people who think that doing what they feel they need would make them "bad" people. I say, "drop the guilt, drop the shame, you're a good person who's doing what's completely natural. Go and enjoy."

3. Jealousy isn't just going to fall away. I know, and that's a big issue. But the only way out I see is to start thinking in a new way. As soon as we stop thinking about our partners as our property, the sooner it follows that we all have needs and want experiences, and that's okay.

4. What about the children? Absolutely, children need to be taken care of and brought up in a safe and loving environment. The decision to have children has to be conscious (and birth control is generally reliable enough that it *can* be conscious.) This is really a separate issue. I don't have a specific proposal here, but I also note that as a society, we're not currently doing a wonderful job making sure that all children are brought up safe, healthy and loved - so I don't think I'm proposing the tearing down of a system that works.

All of this is meant more as food for thought than as a concrete proposal. It would require way more honesty than I think most people are used to dealing with, and it would require a great deal of personal responsibility (again, more than many people are used to taking.)

I really don't think that love is a fixed quantity - that giving some there means that there's less here. Dismiss this as utopian and unrealistic, but I really don't see why it couldn't work. And maybe not for everyone, but certainly for those who decide they want to live that way.

I think that some people are actually putting this into practice - brave souls who are either underground or just don't care that the mainstream would regard them as freaks. I hope the day is coming when people feel free to be more honest about what they want.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Property and Bad Words

(Continuation of thoughts that started here.)

If we eliminate the idea of people as property, what are we left with? Every individual as a free agent, who can decide who they want to be with, live with, be intimate with. Those who want exclusivity are welcome to choose that. Those who need other arrangements are welcome to choose that. All that's required is complete honesty.

The idea of jealousy has to go, of course, and that's a significant hurdle. But that's an idea rooted in possessiveness and ownership. I don't own you, so you're welcome and encouraged to to what makes you happy. We all are.

If we say that the root emotion behind relationships is love, then shouldn't I want you to have the experiences you feel you need? If I don't want that, it sounds like we're talking about control, possession, and fear - not love.

Once we start thinking this way, some bad words disappear from the language.
"Unfaithful": there's no such thing. Whatever you're doing is, by definition, being faithful to yourself.

"Cheating": also no such thing. You decide on the experiences you want, as you don't belong to anyone else.

"Adultery": another concept based in human ownership.

"Vows": this concept has to stop or change form, as we have to realize that we can't promise how we're going to feel tomorrow. You can't make a promise today and have both people assume it's good forever after - the process of reevaluation has to be ongoing.

"Guilt": there's no reason to feel guilty, you're doing what you feel you need to do, which is perfectly natural and acceptable.

"Shame": as with guilt, there's no need to feel this way. Enjoy your sexuality, revel in it.
If you treat everyone in your life with honesty and integrity, I don't see how this wouldn't work, and how there wouldn't be a quantum leap in happiness for everyone, and for society as a whole.

Of course I'm playing devil's advocate here, and am well aware that this would be a huge leap in consciousness for a lot of people - but I really do believe that it would be a better way.

(Continued here)

On People as Property

I find the "infidelity" blogs thought-provoking. There are obviously a lot of people out there not getting what they need from their spouse/partner, and they've decided to do something about it. And not only do something about it, but tell the world about it too.

I salute this, because I think everyone needs to wake up and realize that they're responsible for, first, actually acknowledging their needs, and then figuring out how to satisfy them.

In most cases, there's a subtext of lying and sneaking around - trying to keep secrets from the spouse/partner. And there's usually some explicit or implied guilt associated with that. Because, after all, the cultural assumption (that only hippies or weirdos ever challenge) is that committing yourself to one person is the only normal and natural thing to do.

You'd better choose wisely (and be very lucky,) because that one person is responsible for all of your companionship, intimacy, and sexual desires. Getting any of these needs met from any other source is completely taboo, and it would be socially acceptable for the wronged partner to scream, cry, leave/divorce you, or worse. And the fact that people's wants and needs change over time is no excuse. Because the assumption is that you own each other. Like any other property.

I'd like to challenge these assumptions and give my (admittedly Utopian) ideas for eliminating the idea of people as property.

(Continued here)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

FFF: Cadillac

My whole body spasmed as I climaxed...pumping spurt after spurt of hot cum down her throat. She gulped frantically, trying to swallow every drop. Finally, content that she had missed nothing, she sat up in the passenger erotic vision in fish-nets, garters, and pearls.

The engine of my 1958 Cadillac convertible was humming quietly. This was my baby, and I worked hard to keep her immaculate. The attention I got at car shows made the work worthwhile. And not all the attention was from gear-heads....

I met Susie and her husband at a car show last summer. I know I wasn't the only guy who noticed her in her sundress and fish-nets. Her husband had had too many beers, and was acting like an ass. They bickered, and he stormed off.

She looked relieved that he had gone, and asked me about the car. We talked a while, and she asked with a sly smile if I would give her a ride. I playfully resisted, and she winked and said she would make it worth my while. Half an hour later, on a secluded road outside town, I was recovering from the best blowjob I'd ever had.

I lounged in the back seat while she explored in the driver's seat. Then, ready again, I summoned her back to join me....

The challenge this week was: 130-230 words.
The phrase "...humming quietly..." must be used.
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Regular People

Two of my favorite bloggers (here and here), posted HNT's last Thursday with similar comments about being "regular people." Personally, I would rather see a sexy pic of a regular person than a professional (porn star, swimsuit model, etc.) Not that there's anything wrong with a nice pic of a swimsuit model - that's sexy in its own way, of course. But the regular person can be much more erotic.

First of all, I can relate more to regular people. While I think I'm in reasonable shape (even good shape) for a 40's desk-bound professional, I'm not an Olympic gymnast or male underwear model.

Also, there's an element of voyeurism that appeals to me. The porn star/swimsuit model makes a living out of having their body ogled. With a sexy HNT pic, I feel like I'm seeing something that's usually hidden...something not shown to everyone.

Two of my favorite web sites are Voyeurweb and Flash Your Rack, because they show (for the most part) real people, not professionals. Voyeurweb's daily highlight is something I usually check out, and rating racks on FYR is an always-fun time waster. Again, real women get bonus points from me, and obvious professionals or hideous out-of-proportion implants get a "1".

All this isn't to say that being in shape has *no* importance. Of course the classic female curves are sexy. But it's not necessary to be a professional body to be sexy. Three cheers for regular people.