Friday, October 15, 2010

The Young Mom (Part 3)

Fantasy continued:

A few days later, she let me know in an e-mail exchange that she was coming to our office for a dinner meeting the next week. She asked about the train schedule back to her city, and I told her the last train left at 9pm, but that she shouldn't worry, as I could drive her to the train after the meeting. She simply responding "Great."

My cock was twitching at the possibility of another encounter with my hot young mom, but the intervening time was busy enough that I didn't spend too much time thinking about it. When the day finally arrived, I was ready.

I saw her a few times that day, and we were cordial but professional. She was dressed up for a visit to the big office: navy skirt and suit coat, with what looked like a white silk blouse underneath, with the first couple buttons undone. Professional with just a hint of sexiness. Very nice.

The dinner meeting went quickly and wrapped up early, which was a pleasant surprise. I asked if she'd like a ride to the train station, and she accepted gratefully. We rode down in the elevator together, and the tension in the air was thick, but I was completely professional. Until we got in my car.

As soon as the doors closed and we were alone in our little world, all the built-up tension let loose. I brought her to me for a scorching kiss, sitting in the driver's seat as she leaned across to me. Our tongues wrestled as my hands went to her breasts, squeezing them roughly. Damn, they fit so nicely in my hands....

Reluctantly I broke the kiss, and said we'd better get to the train station. She looked flustered, and obviously wanted to go at it right there, but I thought that driving first might be fun. She sat back and I pulled out onto the dark city street. I asked her if she was ready for me, and she answered that she'd been ready all day. I said "Show me."

She looked at me questioningly. I locked my gaze on her. "You heard me, show me."

It dawned on her what I wanted. She wriggled out of her suit coat, throwing it in the back seat. Then she unbuttoned the top button of her blouse...and then the one after that. My eyes were glancing back and forth between the road and the erotic sight next to me. Three more buttons, and the blouse hung open, her white lace bra clearly visible in the highway lights coming in through the windows. I could see her dark nipples poking through the thin lace, and I reached over to tweak them. She unclasped the front clasp, and the bra fell open. I rolled her nipples between my fingers, then I put both hands back on the wheel.

"Play with them for me."

She leaned back, a little self-conscious, but not hesitating. She cupped her breasts, squeezing them softly. Her fingers moved to the nipples, playing with them very gently at first, but then pulling and pinching them increasingly roughly. Her moans increased in volume from soft mews to deep moans and gasps.

"That's beautiful. But keep going."

She knew what I meant, and immediately reached under her skirt, lifted her hips, and slid her panties down her legs and off. She made a show of folding the white lace thong and sliding it into my pocket. Good girl.

She leaned back in the seat, and slowly, ever so slowly, raised the hem of her skirt. Her legs parted, her hands on her inner thighs... I think my heart skipped a beat when I got the first glimpse of her dark bush. She lifted the skirt to her waist, and spread her legs for me. Damn! I could only glance, as I didn't want to run off the road. Her fingers moved to her pussy, rubbing her clit slowly, as the smell of her arousal filled the car.

She could see the appreciation on my face as I glanced over. But I noticed that we were approaching the train station, so I motioned her to cover up for the moment. She closed her blouse and lowered her skirt as we took the ticket to enter the parking garage. Once inside, I headed for a secluded spot and parked. As soon as the engine was off, I drew her to me again for another deep tongue kiss. Her hands went right to my cock, which was painfully erect, and I broke the kiss to whisper in her ear. "Unbuckle me."

She fumbled with my belt buckle, finally getting it undone, then quickly unbuttoned and unzipped me. I raised my hips and she slid them down, leaving me in my black boxer-briefs. I was making a tent of them, and she caressed my cock through the fabric. Then her hands moved to the waistband, and I raised my hips so she could peel them down. My cock sprang out, hard and thick and fully erect. Her fingers wrapped around my shaft, and she started stroking up and down, murmuring to herself. I asked what she was saying, and she said, "It's so damn thick...."

I tilted the driver's seat back a little, and she knew what I wanted and moved her head towards my cock. Her right hand cupped my balls as her left hand was wrapped around my shaft, pumping slowly. I felt her breath on my head, and then her tongue. She licked my head around and around, and then wrapped her lips around it and sucked...

Damn that felt good, and I couldn't resist pushing my hips up, sliding my cock into her mouth. She sucked with enthusiasm, bobbing her head up and down over the first inch of my shaft, while jacking me with her hand. I wanted to slow her down, as this wasn't a race to the finish line. I wanted to savor every sensation of her sucking my cock. I slid my right hand to the back of her neck and wrapped it in the thick hair at the nape of her neck. I brought her up to the head of my cock, whispering, "Just the head, baby." She licked and sucked, trying to take more...but I wouldn't let her. There was enough light coming from the overhead lights in the parking garage that I could see her working on my head, and straining to take more.

I finally needed to give her more, so with my hand still firmly holding her head, I switched from holding her up to pushing her down. I groaned out loud as I felt the first couple inches of my shaft slide into her mouth. I felt, as much as heard, her groan as the head of my cock hit the back of her throat.

My right hand was still on the back of her head, guiding her up and down on my cock. I realized that with her leaning over me, my left hand could reach her tits, so I started squeezing them roughly. This sent the intensity up a level, as she started bobbing faster, sucking harder, and moaning deeply around my cock. I varied the intensity of my nipple play, sometimes lightly stroking them, sometimes pinching and twisting them hard.

In another time or place, I would have slowed things down and made this last for a very long time...teased us both until we were both at the bursting point. But she had a train to catch. And I was also dying to pump a big load of hot jizz down her throat for the first time, so I let her continue sucking hard and fast, knowing that I couldn't hold out much longer.

"Suck my cock, you hot little slut."

Whispering that, I kicked things up a notch, pushing her head down harder as I thrust my hips up, fucking her mouth. And that was all it took...I was at the point of no return. I heard myself yelling as the first wave of orgasm hit. My cock felt like it had swelled to twice its normal size, and I felt streams of cum shooting out into her mouth as my whole body tensed and bucked. She was making frantic sucking and swallowing sounds as I gave her spurt after spurt of hot cum.

I thought I might never stop cumming, but eventually it started to subside, and I relaxed and enjoyed the last little waves. I collapsed backwards into the seat, aware that she was still gently suckling me, cleaning me up and making sure she had every drop of my cum.

Realizing I had lost track of the time, I glanced at my watch. "My god, your train leaves in ten minutes."

She scrambled to get herself together, and left my car with these words in her ear. "Next time I'm going to fuck you properly...."

(Continued here.)


  1. ...fanning myself! Gasping for air! Wow!

  2. You know these days, they don't even serve snacks on trains anymore. At least she got something. ;)

    It gets better in each part!

  3. "Suck my cock, you hot little slut."

    Words like that while he's shoving my head down on him and struggling to gets as much of him into my mouth as possible really turn me on.

    (waits for the proper fucking of the next time)

  4. All I can say is Wow! This is getting hotter and hotter!