Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Young Mom (Part 1)

A few years ago, my job had me traveling to a remote office a day or two a month, and I knew most of the people there pretty well. They took on a part-time contract worker named Amy to do a specific project, and I had the chance to work with her a bit. She was young, maybe 25, and did a lot of talking about her toddler daughter, but I could tell that mom had some un-met needs. There was just a sexual vibe about her that was crystal clear to me.

She had thick dark curly hair, and a short busty voluptuous build that I really like. I'm six feet tall, and there's something about a woman 9-12 inches shorter than me with a great rack. She wasn't model-gorgeous, but certainly attractive, and, as I said, she just gave off an aura of sexual need that made my cock twitch.

She would make double-entendre jokes, which I laughed politely at, and flirt subtly, but I kept up my professional demeanor. In my mind however, I was planning on making mom remember that she used to be a sensual woman.

The first step began when she asked me to review an early draft of her research. She spread out her papers and sat down next to me on my left. Now my office was fairly secluded, and she closed the door most of the way and was sitting close to me. Closer than a normal "review of research" meeting, but not totally inappropriate, as we were reviewing the papers on my desk. As she started laying out her questions, I was aware of her knee touching mine. I glanced down and saw that she had a beige skirt that ended just above her knee. I looked her directly in the eye with a sly smile, and she couldn't hold my gaze, looking down at the desk with a blush. But she also didn't move her knee away from mine.

She kept the conversation going in a professional manner, but I was very aware of her bare leg touching mine, and I was also aware that we were sitting safely behind my desk, and no one would see anything going on behind the desk - that is, if she let me. I was pretty sure she would, but this would be a big test. We both kept up the conversation - me asking questions, and her explaining - but there was a palpable unspoken subtext.

I shifted in my chair and put my left hand on her right knee. She stopped speaking for a brief moment, and then continued her explanation. I stroked her knee, my fingers rubbing her warm skin very softly. I would slide my fingers slightly higher onto her thigh, then back down to her knee, keeping part of my attention on the discussion of her research, and another part of my attention on alert for anyone coming to disturb us.

I made a few suggestions on her paper, then I turned to meet her eye, and as I locked her gaze, I asked, "Is this helpful?" She was slightly flushed, and her breathing was a little shallow, and she looked down and said, "Yes, very much, thank you." I persisted. "Are you sure? I don't want to waste your time." She looked up at me with a sheepish smile, "No no, this is exactly what I had in mind."


I suggested we move on to the next section, and my fingers moved higher on her leg. To this point, she had been neither discouraging or encouraging me, but now she shifted a little in the chair, opening her legs slightly for my explorations. I think I was keeping a good poker face, but this was very highly arousing. My intention at this point was to go very slowly and establish that she wanted it. Behind the desk in my office was fine for teasing and surreptitious playing, but anything more would have to wait for another time and place.

I was very conscious of how we would look if anyone were to come in unexpectedly, so I tried to move my hand and fingers without moving my arm or upper body. I pulled her knee toward me, spreading her legs wider, and my fingers moved higher. She exhaled deeply and pushed her hips forward on the seat. My fingers were now on the inside of her upper thigh, and her skin was hot and warm. I was almost touching her panties, and I teased her...stopping just short and backing off, then moving up again...

I finally reached her panties as she spread even wider, and she had soaked right through them. She exhaled and bit her lower lip as I cupped her pussy and circled her clit through her wet panties. I needed to set the tone...let her know how things were going to be between us. I stopped stroking and said her name sharply as I locked my gaze onto her. She looked at me with desperate pleading eyes, unable to look away.

"Show me your pussy."

She flinched as if the words had stabbed at her core. Slowly her hands moved to the hem of her skirt. She raised it to her waist, showing me her plain white cotton panties with the big wet spot in the middle. I waited, bursting with anticipation, as one hand moved to the leghole and pulled the panties aside. She had a trimmed bush of dark curls, and she was obviously soaking wet. I asked if my touch made her so wet, and she blushed and nodded "yes." I asked her if it turned her on to expose herself to me, and she blushed a deeper red and nodded "yes" again.

I pulled the panties further aside and ran my fingers through her wet curls, and realized she was giving off an aroma that we wouldn't be able to explain away. I had to wrap this up quickly. I cupped her pussy, stroking up and down, sliding two fingers between her slippery lips. I slid them into her wet snatch, as my thumb moved to her clit. I watched her pussy swallow me, and realized with horror that she was moaning softly. I looked over at her and hissed "Quiet!"

In a place with more privacy, I would have fingered her slowly and teasingly, but not now. I fingered her quickly, knowing that she was close to a huge orgasm, and she didn't disappoint. I homed in on her clit as her whole body rocked and spasmed as her orgasm washed over her. I kept circling her clit, and she kept cumming, trying to muffle her gasps and stay quiet. I finally left her clit as the orgasm subsided and slid my middle finger back into her pussy as she slowly recovered her composure.

I pushed my finger as far into her as it would go, then I pulled it out and offered it to her mouth. She opened and I slid it in, watching as she sucked it dry of her juices.

Part of me wanted to take her then and there. My cock was hard as steel, and it would have been so nice to bend her over the desk and fuck her hard. I even think I could have closed the door and gotten away with it (well, maybe...I would have had to be quick...) But another part of me thought it would be better to stop right here for now...that this was a good beginning, but let's see how it develops. So that's what I did. I shifted our attention back to the papers on the desk, and said that she was making good progress, and that we should review this again soon.

She realized she was dismissed, and she gathered her papers in a daze. As she left, she looked back briefly, then walked away. I smiled to myself, as I knew that she was feeling like a woman again...and a damned horny woman. I knew I could help her...

(Continued here.)


  1. You can be such a naughty, tempting man! Where is this office of yours?

  2. Do you need a personal assistant?? ;)

  3. Oh my... and here I am, drooling over the keyboard again... I can't wait for the next part!
    Very, very hot.

  4. I waited to read this since it was Part 2 and I suspected Part 2 was close behind....eagerly off to read Part 2 now. Delicious.

  5. This sounds like the sort of thing I did once with a sexy young mom that I once worked with. So daring and yet so fun. Thanks for sharing.