Monday, October 18, 2010

The Young Mom (Finale)

Fantasy continued:

The brief, semi-public encounters we had had so far were extremely erotic, and had me in an almost-constant state of arousal for those few weeks. But I needed to get her in private, where we had enough time to fully enjoy ourselves. The solution to this problem presented itself almost immediately. I had to attend a two-day conference at her office, which would require me to stay overnight. After making my arrangements, I phoned her, and we had a short conversation, our first since she ran off to catch her train (with a mouthful of my cum.)

I told her I would be in town overnight. She responded with an interested "Oh?" I said I wanted her to come see me, and she said she would see what she could do.

I left her with these instructions: don't come unless you're willing to be taken. Completely taken. I told her I didn't want her to make a decision now, that she had until that night to decide - but I told her that I would regard her stepping into my hotel room as permission to have my way with her. She said she understood, and gave me a rather breathless good-bye.

The day finally arrived, and I didn't see her during the day, as she wasn't in the meetings I was attending. There was a short dinner meeting, and I texted her that if she was coming, she should be at my room at 8pm.

I was ready. The room was dimly lit, and I was freshly showered, and was wearing black silk boxers under a silk bathrobe. I was practically quivering with anticipation. Would she show up? She could be having second thoughts...and if she was, I'd rather she didn't show up....

But exactly at 8:00 there was a soft knocking on my door. I took a second to compose myself before cracking the door open. There she stood, a vision in a slinky black dress with a plunging neckline. She said, "Hi," and I took a moment to answer as I drank her in with my eyes. She looked nervous and said, "Aren't you going to invite me in?"

I answered with a question, "You know what stepping in here means?"


I opened the door and invited her in, complimenting her on her dress. She stepped into the room with a smile.

But the smile didn't last. As soon as the door was closed, I backed her up against the wall, my body pressing firmly into hers as we kissed frantically, tongues wrestling. My hips had her pinned hard against the wall, as my hands explored. I squeezed her big tits and felt her nipples harden through the layers of fabric. Then my hands went to the hem of her dress, lifting...when I felt the tops of her stockings and then bare thigh. Holy smokes, she was wearing stockings and garters for me. My young mom was undeniably feeling like a woman again. It also occurred to me that she didn't leave home lookng like this - she must have gone somewhere first to change. But I could hardly wait to unwrap my little package and see if she had any other surprises for me.

My right hand moved to the back of her neck, first to crush her lips into mine, and then to find the zipper of her dress. I quickly found it and unzipped her to the waist. I broke the kiss and moved her to the dresser at the foot of the bed, and put her standing and facing the mirror, with me behind her. I slid the dress off her shoulders, over her hips, and let it fall to the floor. My god...she was wearing a black lace push-up demi-bra, with matching black stockings and garters. And no panties. She looked like something out of a wet dream, and I couldn't wait to have my way with her.

I held her close from behind, my lips moving to her neck and my hands wrapped around her waist, then moved up to unclasp the bra and feel her tits. I squeezed them roughly, pinching and stretching her engorged nipples. She moaned and threw her head back, but I told her to open her watch me explore her body from behind. I felt her hips press back into me, but I continued my nipple-play, wanting to see how aroused she could get from just that.

I finally gave her tits a break, as I stepped back and dropped my robe and my boxers. I stepped back to her, holding her tightly from behind, drinking in the sexy vision in the mirror, my gaze locked onto hers. My cock was between the cheeks of her ass, and she was rocking back into me. I had her arch her back, presenting her sexy ass to me, and I reached under to cup her pussy. She was soaking wet, and I slid two fingers easily into her pussy. She groaned "please...."

"Please what, baby?"

"Please fuck me."

Part of me wanted to make her beg, but a bigger part of me couldn't resist. I bent my knees, positioned my cock at her entrance, rubbed my head up and down her slit to get lubed, then grabbed her hips and slowly pushed inside. I groaned low and long as my cock slid inch by inch into her tight little snatch. She pushed back as I thrust forward until I was balls deep inside her. I stayed there for a minute, completely buried in her, feeling her pussy muscles squeezing my cock. I told her firmly to keep her hands on the dresser and her eyes on mine, then with my hands firmly on her hips, I started slowly thrusting...slowly in, watching her pussy spread wide to swallow me...then slowly out, watching my cock withdraw, slick with her juices, until only my cock-head was inside her.

The next couple hours were a blur. I fucked her from behind at the dresser until she climaxed with a scream. Then I put her on her knees and watched in the mirror as she sucked my cock until I blew a huge load down her throat. We moved to the bed, where first we recovered for a bit, then I laid her down on her back and ate her pussy until she begged for mercy. At that point, I had recovered, and fucked her in a number of positions, finally climaxing again as I plowed her from behind on the bed, with her face buried in the pillows and her ass in the air.

I was completely spent, and she seemed barely conscious. We snuggled and talked quietly for a bit, and then she said she had to go. She showered quickly, and I helped her arrange herself. Then she left the room, and I fell into a deep, satiated sleep.

The End


  1. Surely one night of fucking won't be enough, will it?

  2. LOL! to Drenchxoxo! Will it? I repeat! What an animal you are!

  3. I'm breathless.
    I couldn't imagine a better way to finish such a hot, hot, hot, and so well written story.
    This is so good that I'm going to read everything again...; )

  4. Drenchxoxo, I agree, to hot to end with one night...

  5. OMG, I almost orgasmed just from reading this whole 4 part set in one sitting! Gonna have to do something about it now, lol. You are an exceptionally gifted it.

  6. Simply WOW. Your posts of this erotic encounter with this sexy young woman so mirror my own recollection from many years ago with another sexy young married mom. Whatever conflicts I may have had with my own morality were most overshadowed by the explosive sex that we enjoyed on so many occasions. Thanks for reminding me of those days and for this very sexy piece of erotica. Wonderful!

  7. I can hardly put into words how good this piece is. I think I learned something about how to articulate the art that is drawing someone in like that. Bravo.