Sunday, October 10, 2010


You take my cock in your mouth, and my toes curl with pleasure. It's no secret that I love this, but I know your secret - that you love doing this.

Sometimes I close my eyes and drink in the sensations, trying to feel every nuance and subtlety of how you lick and suck my cock. But now I'm watching you, which provides a different, and no less erotic experience. In fact, I'm a visual beast, and being able to see what's going on always heightens the intensity for me. As you well know.

You feel my gaze and look up at me, and I can see the smile in your eyes. You come up to the head, then lick my shaft down to my balls. You slowly lick up the underside of my shaft to my head, then pause, your tongue swirling around my head, then you laugh. "You're so damn bad."

I laugh, delighted. "You already know that. And you know I like to watch."

My hand wraps in your hair and I guide my cock into your mouth again, and you suck eagerly. "That's right, baby, suck my cock."

Dirty talk turns us both on, and you bob quickly up and down, a low moan of pleasure coming from deep in your throat. I'm already rock hard, but I can feel myself growing even larger...swelling in your mouth. With each bob of your head, you're taking slightly more of me, and I want to give you more. The sight of more and more of my cock disappearing into your hot mouth is so erotic I can hardly stand it.

You come up to suck the head, and I hold your head firmly. "Now, baby, take me."

You know what I want, and you try your best. You relax your throat as I push my cock to the back of your mouth...further...swallowing.... I watch as more of my shaft slides into your mouth, your lips spread wide in an exaggerated "O" shape, sliding lower and lower on my thick shaft. I groan out loud and try to burn the erotic sight into my memory. You reach your limit, and slowly come up again, regaining your breath.

You look up and see that I'm still watching you. Meeting my gaze, you put on a show for me, licking and kissing all around my head. You slowly lick down my shaft, tonguing my balls, and underneath...then slowly come back up to my head. You look at me with dancing eyes and prepare to swallow me again.

You know I'm watching. And you know I won't be able to last long.


  1. Mmmmmmm.

    Just pretending to have a mouth full. ;)

  2. The slow and deliberate cock worship is best watched. To dance orally along your partner is nothing short of spectacular when the watching is equally as arousing and the dance.

  3. Mmmmmm... I'm drooling all over the keyboard here...
    I loved this line: 'I groan out loud and try to burn the erotic sight into my memory'
    It's so good when you feel that the other person is having as much pleasure giving oral sex, as you are having receiving it, isn't it? I think this is what makes the difference...
    Loved your story.

  4. I loved it too, hhhmmm! I just now want to put that into practice, very soon! Grin!