Thursday, October 21, 2010

Love Your Lurkers Day

...and other meta-blogging thoughts.

I've seen from some other blogs that it's "Love Your Lurkers Day." I'm happy to play along, because this is something I have thought and talked about some recently. When I considered starting a blog, the Sensual Goddess encouraged me to do it, but added, "How will anyone know about your blog? How will you get readers?"

I didn't know, but was confident (arrogant?) enough that I thought readers would find me, somehow. There were so many blogs that I enjoyed reading, I thought if I commented on others' posts and joined in some of the discussions, that some might add me to their blogrolls. And bless them (you?), they did. How sad it was in those initial days, when I would have no hits outside of my own house. And how thrilling to finally start getting a hit or two...and then more. The next quantum leaps were joining in Flash Fiction Friday (which I love!) and submitting posts to e[lust] - my traffic has spiked with the posting of every edition of e[lust] that's had one of my pieces.

Now that I actually have readers, I naturally wonder who you are? In the blogging community, I have some idea. There are a number of bloggers whose posts I often comment on, and who often comment on mine - a mutual admiration society (you know who you are, and I value you *tremendously*!) Others comment from time to time as the mood strikes, and I'm very grateful for that too (I admit it, I *love* getting comments...if that's vanity or ego, so be it.)

Then there are the lurkers. I see the random hits from all over the world, and sometimes I see how they got to me, but other times I have no idea. Sometimes they'll read a post or two, and they're gone. Others stay and read way back into my posting history. But with very rare exceptions, they never comment and never click "Follow." It makes me wonder, why would you stay for hours and read everything I've ever posted, and not click "Follow"?

On the other hand, I have an alternate perspective under my roof. I will see the Sensual Goddess read my blog (usually rewarding me with a "You're so damn bad!") then click entries on my blogroll, telling me about what she likes on other blogs. When I ask if she's posted a comment to give the blogger that feedback, she just looks at me like I'm crazy.

I'm not complaining, I just wonder what you're thinking. I wish you would tell me. I wish I could see through the screen and watch you reading me. When I see a hit from the U.S. or Canada, I can imagine the reader looking at my blog. But when I see hits from Asia, Africa, or the Middle East, I have a hard time imagining it.

Anyway, this is a long and rambling way of saying thank you to everyone who does take the time to read this blog. I appreciate your reading, and very much welcome comments/feedback. At the end of the day I blog for myself, because I enjoy writing and having this outlet - but getting feedback makes it much more rewarding.

I noted this week that I started this blog six months ago, so I'm declaring a half blogoversary celebration. Drinks are on me, formal (or other interesting) attire is requested.


  1. I wonder the same! Why spend a few hours and read it all and then not follow? Hey, it's their loss.

    Cheers to 6 months of blogging. I'm drinking with you for sure! As for the attire... well... ;)

  2. Hi, Max! I've commented on your FFF stuff, but have been otherwise a lurker. I share many of the curiosities/frustrations that you've expressed here--I think we all do. I think you're a great writer and I look forward to reading more. Happy LOL!