Thursday, October 21, 2010

FFF: Bastard

We had just finished a marathon love-making session, ending with an animalistic doggy-style fuck, and I was equal parts satiated and exhausted. I lay back on the bed trying to recover my wits and my breath, as she rose from the bed and wrapped the blanket around her.

She looked at me and spat, "Bastard!"

Huh? Me? What?!? I looked at her, confused.

A sneer curled her lip. "You heard me. Bastard. No one has ever fucked me that one has ever pulled my hair like that...yanked my head back during love-making.... That was just nasty."

She was really angry. I couldn’t help grinning. I didn’t know my princess had only had good boys. Apparently I was her first bad boy.

My eyes flashed with amusement, and I was on the verge of laughing out loud, which I knew would only make her angrier. I cut her off before she could hurl more venom at me.

"Yes, I fucked you hard. I'm sorry your dignity is damaged. But answer one question. Did you enjoy it?"

She tried to start another rampage, but I cut her off again. "You haven't answered my question."

I knew the answer, but I wanted to hear her say it.

She fumed...glared at me in silence. Finally she lowered her eyes. "Yes. Bastard."

The challenge this week was: 100-300 words.
The phrase "...a sneer curled her lip..." must be used.
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  1. A rude awakening for our princess, eh? It seems he's awakened something else in her, though. I wonder where they're going from here. I'm sure she's going to enjoy finding out.

    Happy FFF! Thanks for playing along.

    -- PB

  2. I remember my first "bad boy fuck." I cussed him a thousand times during and after (reflective pose)

    Thanks for taking me back there for a brief moment.

  3. This reminded me of petting a cat, making it purr even though it's pissed off at you. Yes, not a very deep metaphor ;) But you've captured making someone enjoy themselves in spite of themselves really well here.

  4. LOL! This was a good one. Bastard. ;-)

  5. There is nothing like a bad boy! It's almost like she doesn't want to give you the last word with her "bastard" after her admission. That was sort of cute... and really sexy!

  6. Lol don't we all just love being bastards? This piece hits a special place in my heart, very well done! Made me smile :)


  7. Very interesting. A subbie in the making? Or someone who just discovers life on the rough side of sex? Great story teaser.

  8. You already know what I'm going to comment here, but if you want me to say it... I enjoyed it very much, bastard. ; )

  9. Even lovers need to let it rip now and then... Great story...

  10. Oh, Mystic... you bad boy. *she said with a throaty laugh*

    I haven't been here in a while and didn't realize how much I've missed you!