Tuesday, September 14, 2010

In the Shower (Part 5)

The warm water continues to beat down on us. I push firmly until my head pops inside your tight ring, then I stop and let you get used to my thickness. Our eyes are locked, and your look is desire mixed with some apprehension. You're breathing hard and groaning out loud on every breath. I give your ass cheek a playful swat, and you wiggle your hips back into me. That makes my shaft start to slide into you, and I grip your hips firmly and continue thrusting slowly.

The shampoo provides plenty of lubrication, and my shaft starts to disappear into your tight ass. My hands are grabbing yourhips firmly, and I feel you pushing back into me, wanting every inch of my cock. I don't stop pushing until I'm completely buried in your ass. You groan out loud at the feeling of fullness.

I whisper, "Use one hand to play with your clit", and you immediately move one hand there...your fingers a blur on your clit. I start to slowly fuck your ass...withdrawing, then slowly thrusting in again. You're so damn tight I can hardly stand it, and I can't help increasing the pace. I thrust into you harder...faster.... I'm pounding you hard, and I know I won't be able to last much longer.

I feel my climax approaching. It starts at the base of my balls...moving upward...until I'm at the point of no return. I thrust into you savagely as spurts of hot cum shoot deep into your ass. I'm vaguely aware that a roar is coming from my throat, and also vaguely aware that you're screaming in orgasm too. My whole body is locked, and I can feel the ropes of my cum shooting out....

My orgasm slowly subsides, and my body finally relaxes. I stay buried deeply in your ass, feeling you continue to grip me tightly. You stand more upright, and I hold you close from behind. My lips move to your neck, then I turn your head so I can kiss your lips. My cock is still hard, but slowly deflating, and I finally withdraw from your ass.

I hand you the soap and give you my evil grin. Now you have more cleaning up to do....

The End


  1. Me thinks I want to have a shower with you... ;)

  2. Oh, that evil grin... : )

  3. Oh my.. *fans herself* what a lovely piece to come back too. A shower is definitely in order!:)

  4. I, too, am so glad you continued your story ; )
    I waited with anticipation for every part, and loved every one of them.
    YOUR writing is so very hot!